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Tanning Mini Fee Soo and Chiwoo discussion

May 24, 2006

    1. I didn't see a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd start one. The news thread about them can be found here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65877

      I must say I'm absolutely smitten with tan Soo. She's just adorable. It says they are Specials so I think it's safe to assume they also come with sleeping heads, but there are no pictures of the sleeping head at this time. I also love the outfits they have them in. I really hope the offer something similar for sale later.

      Once I can afford her, I have plans to get tan mini Soo and make her into a Balinese dancer. I've done Balinese dance for years and adore the costumes and make-up and a tan doll would be the perfect canvas for making one of them. Her cute round face and litte smile are perfect for the look too. Now to come up with $415 plus shipping and wait for her to be restocked...

      Anyone else have plans for these beauties?
    2. I doubt there's a sleeping head for that price... too good to be true :) Must be a mistake...
    3. Well it might be special couse of skin color.
      I wonder if they're limited or not.. but if LUTS will start to produce tans as specials (non limited) it would be something awsome esp that they might make optional parts for tan than.. :)
      *they're tempting meeeeee... bad LUTS XD*
    4. Well it also has the option for two make-ups, which is what makes me wonder. Otherwise I'd assume it was just the tan skin that made it special. I thought it seemed to good to be true too though. Maybe I'll ask on the Q&A board.

      Tans have never been limited. They keep restocking them in fact. They just make a limited amount at a time and then it's a while before they restock again. I don't think the mini fee would be any different.
    5. I really hope they come with two heads as I'd really like to purchase this girl. *_* I'm hoping that she will be around for a while and that I make enough money this weekend to help bring her home. I know I swore off girls, but I need this little darling.
    6. they r so kaaaawaaaaaaaii! :love
      I really hope they r not limited x.x
    7. Looking WAAAAY ahead but I hope they come out with a Tan Miyu MNF. :D
    8. Well i just ordered a Chiwoo with faceups for both heads so they'll owe me a refund if there is only one head, i doubt they would make that mistake :)
    9. I agree, it seems odd they would make that big of a mistake, especially since it lists two make-up options for both dolls. If it were a mistake you would think they would only make that mistake once.
    10. Wow, Luts is just on a roll! I must say that Soo especially looks just amazing in tan skin, and Luts did a great job with the promo pics for her. :D I promised myself no tan dolls, though, so I hope you all get them and take lots and lots of pictures! ^_^
    11. :o OMG those outfits!! I want! :D
    12. Oh man, if they release Tan MNF Lishe over the summer when I actually might have money for her I'm so doomed. XD

      Tan Soo is really cute, but there's something about the Tanned Chiwoo's faceup in the photos that I find offputting. It makes his face look all scrunched up.
    13. I love the way they look :)

      Hopefully, Luts will release those clothing too.
    14. Hopefully they'll release more minifee clothing, period! I hate watching more and more things get added to the delf section while the MNF section remains stagnent. :(
    15. They answered someone's question on the board, and the dolls DO come with sleeping head as well! Well, I gotta say it's a great deal! :) Unfortunately the head can't be customized to have open eyes, but it's not like they're gonna released tan body for sale anyway :D

      Can't wait to see pictures of Soo showing up!
    16. Yay! I'm really glad they come with sleeping heads. It's too bad they can't be modified at all because of the tan resin, but it's still really nice to have the optional head. How I wish I had the money for her right now.

      kosher_jenny, I agree about Chiwoo's face up, I'm just not a fan of it. It doesn't seem to be a good colour combination with his skin tone. I'll look forward to seeing owner pictures of him with different face-ups because I'm sure with something more flattering he'll look just adorable too.
    17. Tanning Mini Fee Soo is just adorable! I need to save up for her *cries*
    18. *headdesk* Luts page isn't loading
    19. So who ordered a tanning MNF Soo or Chiwoo? I see all the Soos are out of stock now. I saw her in stock last night and was just wishing I had the money for her. Oh well, at least I know she's not limited.
    20. Oh man, I'm falling more and more in love with tan MNF Chiwoo...this might just change my plans for an AR tan Ren. GAH!! :whee: