Taobaotrends shopping experience

Jul 8, 2017

    1. Hi guys, a while back I was asking about using a Taobao agent and some people here suggested Taobaotrends.
      So here's my review of shopping with them. I ordered a Spiritdoll Pyrus from them on April 11. The cost including a fee was 197 $ while on their official website its 280 $. On July 4 my order was updated and then I was able to choose shipping method. Taobaotrend also sent me photos of the doll to confirm everything is okay which is great! (no surprises of wrong sculpt color etc. :)) I chose EMS which costs 57$, Spiritdoll charges 56$. Overall I saved 82$ which is great IMO. The experience so far was pleasant so I hope the doll arrives soon and without any problems.
      I recommend Taobaotrends for Chinese doll brands. They are generally cheaper than international e-shops. Just beware of recasts.You have to make sure it's either an official taobao shop or confirmed dealer. I also exchanged few e-mails with them and their English level was excellent, maybe better than mine. :sweat
      If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)
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    2. I ordered my Mystic Kids body through them and I had a very pleasant experience too. My only concern was the price was so good I was scared until the last minute it might be a recast but thankfully it wasn't. I recommend them a hundred percent. Service is great, and so is contact with them.
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    3. I've ordered from them for years and service has been great and they're very helpful and communication is very fast. I would definitely recommend them.
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    4. taobao is really good place to buy Chinese companies' dollsXD. I think lots of doll companies accept PayPal on taobao so maybe you can even buy it straight away without agents
      And the price usually is cheaper=)
    5. @Sonik sorry if I'm coming out of the blue, I was interested in purchasing from Spiritdoll through taobao but ended up purchasing directly from their website out of fear, since I have another one of their dolls on my wishlist I was wondering if you had a direct link to their taobao shop, just to be safe? :)
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    6. No problem. :) This is their official store


      I don't recommend using other agent than Taobaotrends though. I've read a horror story from someone who wanted a doll from the official Taobao store but the agent ordered their doll from a recaster store instead. You can read it here: Spiritdoll | I Have Been Tricked.
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    7. Thank you so so much @Sonik! I have a Taobaotrends account, and I placed my fist clothes order with them today, and already got a confirmation email, it was highly recommended to me so I don't think I will be leaving them soon :D Thank you again!
    8. I have used Taobaotrends twice and I can say without a doubt they are fantastic. I was able to buy clothes and extras cheaper and the communication is immediate and constant! They have taken pics of all the stuff I asked for and I am so happy! One time I ordered clothes for a doll I had and they emailed me asking the size, so they are checking the specifics if you ask for something that is for the size!

      :) Very satisfied!
    9. I just want to add to my initial post that my doll did indeed arrive soon and without problem. Since my first order I made two more through Taobaotrends. Some people even say that orders from Taobao are processed sooner than from internetational dealers though I can't confirm that.
      They also do consulting and can arrange some special order for you like different resin color or ordering of some extra parts.
      Again, I highly recommend them.
    10. I recommend them highly. The purchased a lot of things for me. There were a couple mistakes on small cheap items, but they made good on it or I realized it was my mistake on how I ordered the item. Their communications are good. They are prompt. They are friendly and seem professional. I keep going back to them.

      Folks need to keep in mind that they have normal working hours. Plus there is still a language barrier, especially on the taobao/listing website. Taobao and taobao sellers definitely have differences in how they do things compared to eBay.