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Tax Return Doll Plans?

Apr 24, 2018

    1. I don't know about you guys, but I'm expecting a preeeeetty nice return this year and I'm currently trying to decide if I want to bring somebody off my wishlist home or splurge on new things for my current dolls....Anyone else planning on using their return on dolls?
    2. All of my tax return (what little I get) will be going towards school, sadly. But I recieved a rather substantial check from Lufthansa due to a nearly ten hour delay I suffered trying to get back home from Munich during spring break, and i'm using a little bit of that money to buy both of my dolls new wigs from Little Monica!
    3. I’m definitely using my return to pay off some of my Dollie credit card debt :whee:
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    4. How I wish! No refund for me as I’m self employed and have to pay. If I did get one, I’d use it to buy whatever my dolls needed to get them closer to being complete.
    5. Had to pay taxes this year. But next payday.... I want to start layaway on a beautiful doll. One on the Marketplace as long as he is still available.
    6. No actual return here for me (and to add insult to injury, I owed $3!), but I will get a property tax refund later in the year, and I think I'll toss part of it into my doll savings account. I'm trying to have enough in there so that I can get a body for one of my long-term floating heads; she needs a Soom fantasy body, so I need to be ready to strike.
    7. I haven't even thought about this since my husband and I haven't done our taxes yet (we filed for an extension), but if I do get a return, I'll probably spend it on dollie things hehe. Most likely clothes and wigs.
    8. I actually used my part of my return to get my very first doll! She is due some time between May and September. I also got several things for her so she isn't naked when I get her. I am super stoked to get her.
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    9. I get nothing back because of the way employers and tax works in the U.K. :atremblin

      Some people do get told they’ve overpaid (like the rest of my family) but my employer is pretty straightforward and I’ve never overpaid so I never get returns. Also, I got backdated pay from a pay rise, and most of that got taken in tax too. I bought some shoes and a jacket for my dolls with it, though, and a head.
    10. I do expect a hefty tax return. Thing is that the Dutch government is pretty adamant in fighting fraud, and so the tax office will verify every return they think is out of the norm. Combine this with the huge backlog they have, the message on their website which states that it will take three years for them to do a review and you can guess how long it will take before I will see my money. Yay...?

      Well, you know how it is: The strongest shoulders should carry the heaviest burden ;).
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    11. I have weak shoulders! Why does the government think otherwise?! :XD:
    12. I plan to get two dolls with my refund, one named "Washer" and one named "Dryer". ;)
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    13. I plan to pay off my layaway with Ringdoll! I should have more left over and I want to get a body for one of my floating heads. Which unfortunately means getting a full doll since the body can't be bought separately.
    14. I used mine to join in on the current Twigling orders, but I got my return the first week of February, so that's been a while ago lol I paid off credit cards and have been getting great deals on dolls of the second hand market with the remainder of my return! Now I really need to focus on clothes and accessories before I buy anymore dolls!
    15. I got my refund in February and used it towards my Zaoll Luv, but it wasn't enough to fully pay for her, just help out a little bit. :)
    16. I used about half on a doll order due in October :D
    17. I still haven't decided what I'm spending my refund on, actually! I got a pretty nice refund back. I'm going to A-Kon/Doll A-Kon in June, so I'm going to deposit my check for the time being and see if there's anything I like at the convention. :love Which I'm sure there will be! I definitely want to do some shoe shopping since shoes are one of the few things I'd rather not even bother to make myself.
    18. I was going to use it for a body, but my brother said we should see a musical. Oh well, should be fun. :chomp:
    19. My return wasn't very big this year, though combined with the state one it's enough to probably make up for the head I bought back in December.
    20. I have been buying dolly stuff, but not with tax returns. Between fed and state it's all going to be used to pay for my car tax :sigh