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Teacup Dreams Feedback

Feb 21, 2011


      * What did you order?
      * When did you order?
      * How was the communication?
      * How easy was it to pay?
      * How long did it take to ship?
      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      * Did the item look like the sales pictures?
      * Were you satisfied with the product?
      * If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
      * Would you order from this company again?
      * Would you buy this company's products second-hand?

    2. *IMPLdoll Baby Aimee
      *I bought her in person at Otakon 2012.
      *Wonderful! She was so friendly and helpful. She told me where I can locate other clothing for my girl, where I can locate cat eyes for her, and even threw in a better kimono without the extra charge!
      *Very easy, in person so it was just paying with cash.
      *Yes and no, she's beautiful and came with a bag, kimono, eyes, tail, human hands/legs/feet for changing out between those and the cat parts. She was worth the price, definitely. However, when I calculated how much I spent versus how much she would have been if I'd ordered her directly from IMPLdoll, I was rather disappointed by the very large difference. I like the faceup she came with as opposed to the default on IMPLdoll, but I don't think I'll be buying from this company again simply because I'd save a huge amount of money buying directly from IMPLdoll. But, again, quality itself is great. The price is what bothered me.
      *She looks better in person, in my opinion. The blue/pink faceup my Aimee came with is even cuter than the more neutral one on the IMPLdoll.
      *Yes! I love my new girl. She's adorable.
      *As previously stated, probably not. The woman who runs it is very nice, but I can save a lot of money ordering from the official sites of the dolls.
    3. When calculating the cost on the doll via the website and the booth we keep the prices relatively the same.
      Cost on the doll in the booth is 210.00 for doll with bag all parts and kimono which we throw in and that includes faceup with eyes, doll with all of that plus blushing is 260.00.
      The cost on the website is 183.00 with faceup only without any clothing and not including shipping ie if you paid via the website and had to pay shipping it runs around the same cost.

      I am sorry you are disappointed in the price point as we try our best to keep it relative to what it is if you bought it from the site with the added bonus you get from having it right away rather than having to wait.
    4. -Impldoll baby Aimee
      -First payment of order was 7/31/2013
      -Communication was great at first. Then it kinda went down hill from there.
      -It was super easy to pay! Worked out wonderfully! and they worked with me very well!
      -HAHA well thats when things got kinda weird for me. I was told that it would have been sent off 11/11/13 but she didn't actually get sent off til I called them up in January of 2014 after Jan 8th/2014, only to find out about issues that had arisen from various cons and such and that they had lost the address and everything. Which is valid I see that, because things happen. But what I didn't care for was that I was in contact with them and the address to send the doll to was in the emails and I wouldn't have minded giving them the address multiple times. So I guess once the doll was in their possession it took about 2 months to ship from there.
      -In my opinion I do not think it was fair. I had been told that the price I paid would have been given the full set, but instead I was given a doll with faceup and eyes, when I understood to get a doll with faceup, body blushing, dress, eyes (you know full set). And the reason I understood it to be that way was because the email said it would be. Though if I had gotten what I was hoping to get then yes I would say that would have been a fair price.
      -Yes my doll looked like the one in the company pic. She was in great condition and had a lovely faceup, again just didn't have the blushing that I had asked for.
      -I was fine with the doll I got because I REALLY didn't want to have to fight for the rest of what I was told I had ordered. So it was a mix of tiredness as well.
      -I was given an extra wig and some other things, I was also told I would receive a ticket to a doll convention in georgia but I never got it. But again, I was a tad worn out from kinda worrying about the doll originally.
      -No I won't. If things had run differently I would but alas the unfortunate truth is I do not want to. After this had happened I have been a little paranoid, so after a year I have only gotten secondhand dolls, and that is after TONS of research or feedback, unless I already know the person.
      -because this is a dealer I do not know of their other products.

      I wish things had gone better but alas it wasn't the best experience for a first time doll owner (at the time). Though also note, I didn't return my doll I just went and paid a friend to do the work that was suppose to be done and it ended up turning out better ^^ And I still love my lil dolly to pieces so I am glad that they did get me my doll ^^