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Teen Trend accessories

Apr 28, 2007

    1. Do Teen Trend accessories they look like they are in the right scale for MSD? Does Teen Trend jewelry fit on MSDs?
    2. depends, are we talkin' child-like or mature minis here?
    3. Child like MSD.
    4. Teen trend clothes fit Mini's, I know that, but i'm not positive about the jewelry. Also, if you're looking for cheap skirts and shirts for a girl doll, then I'd recomend friends 2b Made. The clothes for those rag-dolls of theirs on their website fit girl msd's great! I ordered some for my DoC Mir for super cheap, and they look awesome.
    5. hmmmmm. . . teen trends are more similar to mature minis so i dont think they would work, but im no expert *shrugs*
    6. The necklaces do. The bracelets don't, but they might with some work. The green and black skirt can be prone gappyosis since it only attaches at the top. Grr. But it looks so cute on my Eleret! The blue skirt with the ruffle around the bottom fits perfectly.
    7. The purses look good with MSDs in general. Oh, and the shoes fit my friend's DoC girl. oO
    8. Wow, really? Hnn. I wonder if they will fit my next girl. The shoes definitely don't fit a kid delf though.
    9. I have the Kianna set with the black jeans, and my doll is a Angel Fantasy/Laidoll Lily, the clothing fits well on her bottom half, the tops tend to be a little bit too small but that's fine if they are of stretchy material. The boots fit her!! I've been told that I need Narae sized footwear tho so she's not normal MSD size really. The necklaces look wonderful, the dress shoes are a shade small for her but if used with socks and heated in hot water before putting them on they are fine. Generally the accessories look great. I havent got a bracelet to try so can't help you there.

      If you see them they are worth picking up.
    10. That's great to hear. Thank you for your help everyone. ^^ I just bought a Teen Trend outfit because I heard they would fit with minor changes. It's great to hear the accessories work too.
    11. I have almost all the Teen Trend clothes for my RanD Angel Karen. Some of them, the chest is a bit large - I've had to move the velcro over just little, but the rest fits well. I have photos of Hannah (RanD Angel Karen) in her outfits if you'd like to see them. PM me as I have yet to figure out how to get photos up on anything here...

      The shoes don't work as my dolls feet are molded for heels. But I've sold the shoes to others for their dolls - although I'm keeping any new ones I get as I just was able to purchase a Teen Trend doll for my daughter. This way she feels like she has a doll like Mom's - without wanting to play with Mom's!

      Necklaces work, as do the handbags. Hats are too large. Haven't tried the bracelets. Earrings do not work as the posts are too fat.

      Hope that helps!
    12. like pegapup said I doubt the earrings would fit as the ones I have a little ball at the end that the vinyl ear hole streches around when you put it in the head.

      I have heard the shoes will fit Mini fee and Unoas or any small footed mini's
    13. I recently bought 3 of these outfits and I consider buy also the 4th one. Here is my Soulkid Miryu modelling one of them (top is too loose, bracelet too tight but it closes, collar is way too big), it is not a perfect fit but for £5, I have no complaints! lol

    14. Soulkid Tiffee is another story she has a chunkier body than miryu and that exact same outfit fits mine mostly in the top and the skirt is almost too tight... the tights don't fit her at all and the choker was huge
    15. These closthes fit Mini Fee girls? are they the ones for the "My Seen" dolls by matel?
    16. Accessories for hair and teen trend glasses will fit an SD (they fit my Kohya). Bracelets will fit a YoSD and clothes fit Unoa (easily) / MSD (sometimes modification is needed. So that kind of amuses me. I like putting the Teen Trend shirts on a YoSD as an oversized shirt. :kitty2
    17. Re the clothes - I could not get the TT jeans I got on my Narae. They would not go over her thighs.

      As for the shoes, I have seen someone put the vinyl shoes on Narae. I was very interested in the sandals that are in a couple of sets, but they were too short for Narae. Narae's feet are a bit bigger than Unoa and Unoa's are a bit bigger than MNF, so maybe shoes would fit them better.

    18. The shoes don't fit any of my dolls... Their feet are too fat or too wide to fit in them usually
    19. sorry, but I read somewhere that this dolls were discontinued, do you still can find clothes for them?
      I've also seen some shoes and they're interesting...

      also I'm interested if someone wants to sell jewelery or shoes. :) or the black pants but I know it's impossible XD
    20. I think they have been discontinued, but I recently got 2 of the dolls at ross for like $15 each. I think that's about what the cloths used to be on their own. The preppy blond girl's slip on shoes fir my DZ girl. I haven't tried the other shoes, they were too small for my Volks MSD. The pants are a bit short on my DZ girl, but she's tall anyways. I tried giving the dolls to my daughter, but apparenty she knows the difference, even though she's only 2 >< She does't like the teen trend dolls, and wants mine instead ><