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Teen Trends Clothes and some questions

Mar 1, 2007

    1. :) I bought two teen trends outfits today. They were sitting all alone at my local kmart onsale for 3 dollars and I had read that they fit the doll I'm looking to buy next month (AF Lily) They're cute! I went to walmart and a few other stores looking for more, but no luck. the box gives a website of teentrendsgirl.com but the website doesnt work? It's there and loads but it's just a blank white page. Are these old retired toys or am I just unlucky trying to find them?

      Are these ball joint dolls? I know they aren't resin obviously lol... And their heads are really ugly in porportion to their body (obviously) But I seen a doll online onsale and I was thinking of buying it because it said:

      "Teen Trends dolls are 17" tall and poseable, with shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints"

      What kind of joints exactly? I can get one for pretty cheap and my curiosity is piqued now... hmm... Still not as good as a BJD though I know the BJD have wrist and ankle and waist joints plus just greater flexibility. I also read teen trends can not stand on their own.

      But I can get one for about 5 bucks (have a coupon for 10 dollars off) before shipping and handling, and I'm wondering if they're fun to pose/model clothes :) to tide me over until I can get my full BJD :)

      And where can I find more of their clothes? :O They're so cute and I want to start hoarding them. (ebay seems expensive considering the price i paid for my two today - got the last two though :<)
    2. Teen trends was put out by Mattel, but I guess they weren't successful and Mattel's started to phase them out.

      I always look for the clothes as they fit MSD (child and mature) pretty well but they're becoming scarcer and scarcer.
    3. XD i went ahead and ordered one. it was only like 4.94 :) I plan to hit up toys r us in person next week and see if they have anything left on the shelves since thats where i keep reading about them being sold at XD
    4. They're strung dolls but not exactly ball-jointed. I haven't heard much about poseability.

      D= Unfortunately they didn't do well. Some of the new sets they had announced last year seem like they got canceled. I wanted some of the clothes. For the most part it fits MSDs pretty well.
    5. I have a lot of these that I bought for non-BJD dolls - the clothing has a lot of detail for the price. I also bought some of the dolls just for the clothes (I bet you guys never do that, right?), and they do stand alone if you're careful. They are strung and fairly poseable, but I hate the head, especially the hair. I still have the dolls in a drawer somewhere. I've heard the bodies are the same as the American Girl Hopscotch Hill dolls.
    6. There are quite a few of these on eBay. I bought some last night, so as soon as they arrive I'll try them on my dolls and take photos. I'm hoping they will fit my 3 girls.
    7. There are quite a few of these on eBay. I bought some last night, so as soon as they arrive I'll try them on my dolls and take photos. I'm hoping they will fit my 3 girls.
    8. Hi

      Someone has a thread comparing nude teen trends doll to a nude dollfie dream body?.

      The big thing is the doll is not jointed at the wrists and ankles. They are strung but the strings terminate in the forearms and shins. I don't know if you could unstring them without actually tearing at least one doll apart. Someone had wondered if you could use the body for a temporary body for a MSD.

      They have full ball jointed elbows and knees, the shoulders are not ball jointed but if you pull the arm out has a short tube that goes into the shoulder with the string going through it. so it can only raise it's arm straight up and down. The thigh has a kind of flattened or partial ball. I can post some pics tomorrow when I'm not tired if no one else beats me to it.

      I have a bunch of the clothes and the pants & tights don't fit or won't close all the way, but the tops are cute. My doll is a dollmore Torrie girl. I couldn't get one pair of pants over her thighs. :-( I guess the pants fit the slimmer dolls like sharmin, narae and unoa. I have the bathrobe and it looks like it would fit the chubbiest Mini.
      The shoes might fit your Ru?. I know someone was buying them for thier hard to fit doll. the doll clothes do come with really cute extras. I have a loaf of french bread, a water bottle, a sleep mask, and one I want comes with a lava lamp.
    9. An outfit for 3.00 thats pretty cheap!! they must have been on low low clearence. Kmart usaully sold them for 15 or 16

      Maybe we will get lucky and the clothes/dolls will show up in big lots or something in a year or two.
    10. Toys R Us is were I bought mine
    11. I bought the shoe closet set, it comes with three pairs of shoes, shoe boxes, wax shoe box paper and a shelfing unit. :) Hopefully some of the shoes will fit my 44 DollZone when it arrives :sweat

      I think you can still find the clothing off EBay.

      I got my shoes from K-mart... I couldn't find TT anything anywhere else.
    12. I think the Teen Trends shoes fit Unoa feet and Sharmin, but I don't think they fit standard MSD sized feet. you might be able to stretch the soft plastic sort.
    13. A lot of people have the outfit with the black corset top and green(?) tulle skirt. That fits a number of minis. I have also seen the tan cotton sweater on some dolls. But I could not fit the slacks I have over Narae's thighs and butt. I bought a TT long aqua dress from another member who modeled it on their Narae. Some people have managed to fit the vinyl shoes on Narae. I know the sandals are too short for her foot. Narae's foot is 5.5cm long and 2.3 cm wide.

    14. I bought the yellow prom type dress, and it's a tight fight on my regular msd sized girls, more better for the slimmer mini's but still ok for the bigger ones, lol.
    15. The pants are a bit short, but fit over the unoa boy hips.
    16. My Soulkid Tiffee can wear all of the stuff I got and she has quite a booty and is a bit chunky so most of the mini sized girls should fit in them... haven't tried them on my busty soulkid miryu yet (she is slimmer but have a larger chest)
    17. I have quite a few Teen Trends clothes. I can get my Narae and Unoas in the tops, jackets, and some jeans.

      The TT clothes are baggy on my Serendipity body, which is quite nice! The shoes are perfect for her feet as well. So someone here is usually wearing a TT piece of clothing!


      SR body--with TT top, shoes, skirt?
      Narae--TT top, jacket
    18. My Liebchen and Yern dress in many teen trends things, and wear the shoes! The minisup is a bit too hippy to wear them, and the DoC a bit too big around the bust, of all things! I love the fashions, though, and while some of them are remarkably dowdy for a "teen" doll, they're very reasonably priced and fun.

      The shoe closet set comes with SHOES?? Off to ebay........