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Teen Trends doll mini sized clothes?

Jul 24, 2005

    1. Was looking at Toys R Us today and spotted a new doll by Mattel, Teen Trends. It's 17 inch so it's about mini dollfie size, right? Am wondering if the size is comparable to the minis. $39.99 for the retail price which I guess isn't too pricey if you want to get it only for the outfit lol. But haven't got my doll yet to compare it...anyone seen these and have opinions? Could probably even be used as a cheap way to practice faceups too...
    2. I hadn't heard of these so I just googled them. Looks like they sell them at wal-mart too...at least they do online. I'll need to see them in person to see how large they are, but they look kinda promising. I'll be awhile though before I can get out to check them out. If anyone else finds anything, please post!!!!!

    3. i don't like any of the outfits on the dolls they have... but they're by mattel so hopefully they'll come out with a line of clothing for them. they look like they'd at least fit sharmin/unoas. they look a bit slim to fit MSDs
    4. Ooo i hope they fit dod.
    5. i looked at them in toy'R'us the other day, and they didn't really look like they would fit my DoDs. I'm hoping that they come out with some accessories and furniture for them though.
    6. eptrauma> it looks like they'll be releasing a line of clothes for them. (see: here)
    7. i hope this stuff fits!!

    8. Did they look too big or too small?
    9. I'll go to Toys R Us tommorrow with Beatrix ( Bee-A ) and see what happens. :P
    10. Ahh, cool! Doll I'm getting is the Present Jade 2 so am looking for clothing alternatives for him. His measurements are real close to the DoD boys so if it fits them, might fit him. Worth the price of an outfit just to see and can always resell on Ebay.
    11. if the jeans fit, i'd be happy!
    12. I tried three of the four outfits on my Luts Ani, Leandra, and all three fit except for the shoes! I got the green & black punk outfit shown in group picture from the link above, and athe black top/blue skirt next to it. I also got the aqua dress that goes with the blonde doll, a few pictures in. The skirts start at her waist and come to her knees, and the shirts don't have tons of shoulder left over. If Lea's feet weren't so wide, the shoes probably would have fit, too, but they're plastic, so no big loss...my goddaughter will enjoy them, as she does all my other "not right size" things.

      Each outfit comes with a hanger, a matching purse, and several little accessories that are the perfect size...lipstick, jewelry, paper props. At around $13 a set, they're a bargain. I got mine at Target.

      I didn't get the pink top/black skirt combo, because it didn't appeal to me, but I will be buying other sets as soon as they're available.
    13. What about pants? Any word on the fitting of pants?
    14. None of the four outfits came with pants....the only pants I've seen is on the dolls themselves. The legging tights in the punk one fit okay, though, and all of the skirts have been spot on. If I come across a set with pants, I'll let you know.
    15. The dolls are kinda scary O_o lol, but I hope they will fit DOD and release some boys' stuff 8)
    16. I got an outfit set at walmart tonight and hastily restrung Sorcha in an attempt to try it on her.

      Here's the final result:


      Upside: The shoes fit and the pants are long like theyre supposed to be. The pants also have three (intentional) slices in the knees, you can see one on Sorcha's left leg... kinda cute.
      Downside: Sorcha's butt is too big and her thunderthighs keep the pants from going all the way up so they CAN close. I think it would fit nicely on a DOD though, or maybe even a sharmin or unoa.

      Pic of the shoes:
      Pic of the lack-of-closing-pants:
      So... close... to... closing...

      More pics available if you want em, just ask and i'll take some!
    17. oh cool!!! I do kinda worry about the Unoa though cause she's got some hips on her. I've had to add gussets to some of her Friends2bMade skirts/shorts. Some things are right on..... others need help. If the pants fit at least as well as they fit Sorcha, then I'll be happy :)

      Is Sorcha a Volks MSD?
    18. Yes, Sorcha is a Volks MSD Sinsia. I never realized a HUGE butt and thunder thighs my girls had! I want to get another one of these outfits, one with a skirt, to try on her to see if maybe the lack-of-closing is because the pants have NO give to them whatsoever.
    19. ?: can you buy outfits on their own? (If so, can you buy them online, and how much do they cost?)