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teen trends outfits

Feb 14, 2006

    1. i haven't seen them in the stores yet but they are on the website teentrendsgirls.com under shop for toys. i can't wait for them to come out.
    2. Thanks for the heads-up. Love those leopard jammies!
    3. The defualt outfits look really cute! I'm very tempted to snatch up a Kiana doll just to steal her jeans. I haven't seen the new ones at the stores yet. Toy's R Us are really the only places that carry them here. The Walmarts, Targets, etc here don't carry the Teen Trends line of stuff anymore. :(

      Also, I just noticed but.. I remember 3-4 months ago when looking up Teen Trends stuff on eBay there was literally nothing! Now theres a ton of the dolls and outfits on there. XD
    4. Gar I still need the casual sets from the last batch, anyone know where they are for sale online still?

      I love the new dresses *-* Thats it, need to order my msd girl next paycheck >.>;
    5. WAAA! OUR ToysRUs here is closing! Now what do I do? WAA!
    6. I just wanted to say, the Walmarts around me have Teen Trends outfits on sale for about $4 each. :)
    7. Kiyono > are they discontinuing the old line, or just adding to it?
    8. ohh yes. I need. Courtney's glam dress is pretty. And those closets seem useful. =)
    9. They're really cute but... another fancy outfit and pj's? I want them to release more casual clothing! the casual clothing line they already released was totally cute! I'd love to see a "school" set with a school outfit.
    10. They have them on Amazon.com ...at least the old ones.
    11. Amazon is just so pricey...

      meep*, until this thread I thought they were being discontinued because our local store discounted them and no longer has any teen trends items in stock. I guess thats not true xD Yay new outfits! I don't know if they'll keep selling the old outfits or not o.o;;
    12. The new outfits are so cute!! But I always have to order them through Amazon or find them on Ebay; for some reason my local Toys'R'Us doesn't carry them, and I've been to too many Wal-Marts to count looking for them!!
    13. Teen trends has pictures of new clothes for this year at thier site.

      pick a character and then click on shop for toys and then click on the creata a closets or pj party or going glam to see the outfits.

      Like last year there are two outfits for each doll; a pajama set and a prom dress set. Then there is a new create a closet playsets that has a set of shoes, a set of hats or bags, a dressing "room" with a jacket or hoodie the clothing are not availible in other sets.

      I was given a Toyfair site to go to see thier next sets

      I'm not sure when they are going to release these. There is a new character Rayna (ie more clothes yea!)

      Toy fair index

      group pic

      I'm posting this because I want to give everyone a heads up so Mattel will keep making the outfits. It looks like a great way to get cute inexpensive outfits & accesories for our dolls.

    14. Hey just a thought,

      The new character (winter release?) Might be a japaneese influenced doll (they all might be) She has a T shirt with japaneese? characters on it. I really like the pink outfit they have for her but it looks like it's the dolls outfit.

      Mattel might be trying to get a part of the dollfie market but without actually making bjds. The dolls are partially ball jointed. They are strung and the elbows and knees are are ball jointed.

      Just thought you might want to know.
    15. This link seems to work better for the Toy Fair pics. Cute stuff, although I'm not sure I need a modular spa. Interestingly, the outfits & accessories are different from the new ones being shown on the Teen Trends website. I hope they release both sets!
    16. **grinning** Too cool. I love the Teen Trends outfits - the Kianna ones really suit my Daiichi. It's great that they're coming out with even more.
    17. the toyfair pics are from Febuary 11 & 12 So they probably won't be in the stores till Fall/Winter 2006.

      The outfits on the everything girl site seem to already be out in canada. There is a canadian ebay seller that has some of the closet sets on ebay.
    18. awesome! I really like the ones shown in toyfair..I can't wait till they're released so I can pick em up at the store.

      also, I looked through ebay and havent seen any of the new outfits listed..got a link to it?
    19. OMG that new doll they're showing at Toyfair is LOVE. Snow wants her clothes but.... i like the doll enough that i'd keep her. So cute! are those little weensy goggles on her head? yes! yes they are! *drool*

      Why did you have to go and show me those pics, *crycry* I want all those lovely clothes so badly, that probably won't ever even get released!

    20. Sorry I'm teasing you!!! I got all excited when I saw these.

      I got discouraged when Walmart put the clothes on clearance here. I thought the line might be discontinued. And when I saw the the new sets on the website I got hopefull. But since they brought out the new stuff + Rayna at toyfair it looks like mattel might back the dolls for a while yea!


      PS I really don't know when the toy fair clothes will be out could be sooner then I said. Lots of toymakers put out new toys through the whole year.