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Teeny Gem?

Jul 11, 2007

    1. I was at the Soom website checking out shipping costs for Sosle, rubbing my hands together, and making plans to rule the world with three Mini Gem girls when I noticed that there is a new category on their main page...

      Teeny Gem.

      Anyone heard of this or have any speculation?
    2. Oh wow, I just saw their mini gems and oh are they ever gorgeous. I want one! Noooo.

      And if the teeny gems are banji/elfdoll sized, AND look like minier versions of mini gems?

      I'll bankrupt myself. Srsly O_O (I'm a sucker for mature tinies)
    3. oh oh teenie gem sounds good. :)
    4. I wish all doll companies everywhere would just stop for a while so I can catch up on my "want" list. There are so many wonderful dolls out now that I feel like my brain might explode. I don't know which one to try to get first. OMG; Teeny gems??!!! I desperately hope I won't want one. LOL
    5. I know the feeling. I hope she's a baby doll that I'm not interested in at ALL. Nope. Nopenopenope

      I'm serious though if its a mature mini I will have NO choice
    6. If they are anything like the first Efldoll tinies, I will have to have one. Or two.
    7. Ooooh, I can't wait to see what Teeny Gems will look like. Younger versions of Uyoo, Aren and Sosle? :D
    8. Ooooh I noticed this today too!!

      I am so curious it's not even funny! Not like my budget could handle another purchase at the moment..lol
    9. I notice they list Teenie Gem between Gem and Mini Gem. It's not alphabetical so I'm thinking it might be by size. Well, I look forward to seeing them either way.
    10. there was some talk in the other sections of her/him being a MSD size

      but with the name like Teeny Gem ? Im thinking small

      I rather like the Uyoo elf ...but always put off buying her ...

      but a teeny version ...:...(

      I just afford one at the momment and I just know I would love it
    11. That's what I thought aswell.Teeny could mean it's a teenage gem, and MSD size like Tinybear said. But let's wait and see.
    12. Any news, yet? Hopes that "teeny" means TINY! hee hee
    13. I hope they are like the elfdoll tinies, I would love one. My catsy could use some company.
    14. OMG they are cute cute and they look tiny sized... I wonder how much they want for them and the EARS!!!! OMG it' so so cute... I love BOTH of them! Well I got a lot of pullips to sell... I so want them they are so ADORABLE! I love their expression!

      Crap I have to have Mint... do you guys know if soom takes Layaways? I think they do....
    15. they do ;)
    16. They look like tottler versions of Sosle. Very cute but not really my thing.

      *wallet sighs in relief*
    17. They slay me. *_* I'm trying to estimate their height based on the clover in the pictures. What I get is close to minigem size.
    18. Mine too. Although they are very cute little guys. :)
    19. Oh thank god. Not my cup of tea (though they are utterly precious)

      I love younger looking dolls, but I likes them VERY tiny (coughlatiwhitecough)