New Doll [Telesthesia] 3 new BJD+body

May 5, 2016

    1. Telesthesia - ex dragon doll
      XiaoGuanHua_42-45cm 320 usd
      MoLi_42-45cm 320 usd
      DaHuoShi_65-75cm От 450 usd (Flint)
      Тело 42cm Chubby baby_42-45cm 288 usd

      [​IMG] English landing page
      We are official dealer of Telesthesia. Till May 12 only our special discount for new dolls - 10%!
      EMS, DHL, Airmail to any country available from China. Payment methods available - Paypal. If you're interested please mail at [email protected]
      We have our own layaway for all BJDs! Also you can contact us via online chat (pink button at the right upper side) in our shop.
      Now we have promo event - 10% off any 2nd BJD in the order. We combine shipping for many bjd brands for you^_^
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