Preorder [Telesthesia/Dragon Doll x BJDivas] Wei Yue Jin sp Limited Group Pre-Order

May 8, 2019

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      Wei Yue Jin sp is a limited doll by Telesthesia/Dragon Doll whose order period recently closed. However, while he was immensely popular with Chinese BJD collectors, he didn’t have much exposure to collectors outside of China.

      As such, BJDivas is helping Telesthesia/Dragon Doll spread awareness of their brand by hosting one final round of pre-orders for this special doll. However, 20 dolls must be ordered for them to do another production run.



      Wei Yue Jin sp is only available as a nude doll. The basic price of the doll is $450. He is available in white, normal yellow, normal pink, and tan. Tan costs an additional $80. By default he comes with normal hands, but jointed hands can be added for an additional $80 (tan skin please add $20).

      The reservation fee is $50, which will be refunded if the group order does not meet the target 20 units.

      Please note: By reserving, you are committing to purchasing the doll if the group order is successful. The deposit is not refundable for any reason other than the group order failing.

      Layaway will be available if the group order is successful.

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    2. How long will this preoerder be available?
    3. For six months, until November 30, 2019.