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Telling Volks Sasha, F28, F16 & School A apart?

Mar 27, 2005

    1. I was thinking I knew the differences. I saw a head with an artist's face up and I was sure it was a School A. I read the text and they say it's a Sasha. Or I see a head and I think it's a Sasha, only to read it's a F28.

      I really think the faceup really makes a difference, at least for me. Does anyone else have this trouble?
    2. I'm not too good with telling apart the F-28/F-16/Sasha heads, but I think I'm getting better at distinguishing School A...the corners of his mouth and the overall look reminds me of an F-28/Michele cross. ^_^? Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else, though!

      I do think the F-16 looks a bit softer than the F-28, although I can't pin the differences down (there are some minor ones, apparently). Generally I would tell them apart by the look of the resin...old resin or pureskin?
    3. Ahahahaa. I can barely/not really tell the F16 apart from the F28, though I do know that the 16 has a biit of a softer feel. The head overall is a bit smaller and the eyes are smaller as well. The School A is easy for me to tell apart because the mouth is so much more smiley, plus is doesn't have the uneven right cheek or the unevern lower lip. (I guess it helps that I own a 28!)

      I still can't tell Chris/Lucas apart from the 28 tooo much... sometimes. Not always. XD;;;
    4. Unless they are in their original faceups, I'm a loss for Chris/Lucas vs. F28.

      F28 has larger eyes and a sharper nose than F16.....unless, of course, it has been modified. F28 also has a sharper upper lip.

    5. It's a bit harder to spot the differences between Lucas and the F-28 if you are glancing at them real quick, but if you're really looking then I think the differences are easy to find. Same thing goes for the F-28 and F-16. As for the School Head A, I can spot that one anywhere...even with just a quick glance. It's the nose and the mouth that just really stands apart. Plus while I love the F-28/F-16/Lucas/Sasha head I really don't like the School Head A much at all. So I can tell the difference between it and Sasha or Lucas very quickly.
    6. Volks sells heads separately in their stores?
      I love Kun head, and it looks like FCS 19.
      I don't want a SD10 body, I want SD13 with flat feet like Yori!

    7. The other day my friend asked me what facesculpt a doll was, and I was so embarassed because it was an awkward angle and I cycled through F28, F16, and Sch A around three times before finally saying Sch A, but afterward I think it may have been an F16. XD So annoying! Like everyone said, I can usually distinguish Schoolhead A best because it's so much softer, but the angle on this shot made it really hard to tell.

      I think I'm better with 28 versus 16 now after Sam posted her helpful comparison, but with Chris/Lucas I can't tell unless it's absolutely obvious because the Lucas is a Sweet Dreams Lucas. Heh!
    8. I think school head A is really easy to be spotted out.
      Of course, at first, they all looked the same to me. But now i can tell a Lucas from an F28 as long as the photos aren't unclear or at weird angles.

      Sometimes I still can't tell the difference between F16's and F28's.. But it's true that F16's are generally softer than F28's...that's why I like F28's better.

      I STILL cant tell the difference between Sasha's face mold and Luca(except that she is white like Chris). Sasha and Luca doesn't have the same face mold, right? ...just wondering...*_*
    9. I can also usually tell School Head A right away from the mouth. (It's my least favorite sibling, too.) Luca and Chris have those sharper lines in their thinner noses and slightly more open eyes than F-28.

      To me, Sasha looks most like F16 - though not exactly the same. She's much softer than Luca or Chris.
    10. Volks carried some optional heads in their stores, but none of these.
    11. Well.. seeing the posts here, a few people don't really like the sch head coz of the mouth...:oops:

      Well.. I fell hard for Sch head A...I was contemplating whether to get a FCS f-16 but the sch head still drew me back and whack me with big trout... :)

      Seeing all 4 of them in rl b4, I find F-16 is similar to Sasha; the F-16 is softer looking than the older f28 in terms of eyes and mouth.School head is different from the lot in the range of wider mouth, rounder nose and bigger eyes than the rest. :)

      Overall, I find the f28 a more manly sculpt than the rest.
    12. OMG...KaIsuki...

      What a wonderful photo!! Wow, is all I can say! They all are wonderful....and I tried to guess who was who.

      I was thinking Chris, F28, School A, and dear Sasha. I love them all!!

      Seriously, this photo should be in the archives, or facts, or somewhere people can see it and find the differences.^^

      Thanks you so much....^^
    13. Anyone have a picture of the models together?
    14. *bumping this up* I suspect people will still be interested. :) I couldn't find a good photo.