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Tellnoone_Noonetells - Feedback Thread

Mar 27, 2012

    1. Here is to hoping every transaction gos off without a hitch!:D
    2. Tell bought a YoSD outfit from me. She's very sweet to work with! She asked me a bunch of questions about the outfit, which is awesome. She paid quickly and kept in constant contact. I'll happily work with her again in the future. :)
    3. I did a commission for tellnoone_Noonetells. She had a clear idea of what she wanted in mind, and worked with me to make sure that the trims and colors were what she needed for her doll. I would and hope to work with her again! Fast payment, polite, and extremely fast replies!
    4. Tellnoone_Noontells has purchased a Dollmore Judith Zinna from me. It's been a perfect transaction, I do highly recommend her and would doubtlessly make any other transactions with her :)

      Thank you so much!
    5. Tellnoone_Noonetells participated in my GO!
      She is a great participant; all contact with her was prompt and super polite, and payments were quickly sent. I could ask for nothing more from a GO participant :D
    6. Tellnoone_Noonetells is a wonderful, honest, polite and very fair person to share a transaction with!!! I sold her a DHS micro bjd and after it arrived she found the second head cap has a issue that needed addressing. She contacted me, was very polite and when I offered a partial refund ( I should have checked the second head cap before sending the doll) she was wonderful and very willing to work with me. I helped her find a person who could help correct the issue and we kept in touch as the darn refund too forever to credit to her. I am sorry the head cap was wonky but I was glad that Tellnoone_Noonetells was such a good communicator and easy to work with!!!!
    7. opps, that should have said TOOK forever, not too forever :)
    8. Tellnoone_Noonetells joined me in splitting a Soom order during their Teenie Gem Free Choice event (for a Yrie on Afi/Ai legs). She took the legs and tail. She was quick in sending her payment and info, and was patient as we waiting for Soom to get off its butt and ship out order. :)

      She was also very understanding when I forgot to include the tail and magnet when I shipped out the legs, so I am very thankful for that.

      This was a great split, and I'd definitely love to have more dealings with her in the future!

      Thanks so much, Tellnoone_Noonetells! I really appreciate your patience throughout us dealing with Soom, and also during my mixup!
    9. Tellnoone_Noonetells bought some Soom Afi/Ai horns from me! She was lovely to deal with and kept in perfect contact with me anytime I had questions for her! I would work with her again anytime! Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction, and I hope you enjoy your new horns!
    10. She bought horns from me. Overall a very good transaction. :)
    11. Tellnoone_Noonetells bought a Puki Puki Cupid 2 from me. She sent the money super fast & let me know once the package got there. PMs were friendly & the transaction was flawless & fast. Thanks so much! Enjoy your new little one!
    12. Tellnoone_Noonetells and I had a wonderful transaction! I bought a lot of puki clothes from her and it was great! They were as described and arrived very quickly! I would gladly do business with again! Thanks for the great sale!
    13. bought several wigs from Tellnoone_Noonetells. Very good communication (less so on my part, sorry!) and they arrived exactly when she said they would. Thanks again!
    14. Tellnoone_Noonetells bought a Puki Cupid from me, and she was awesome to deal with! Prompt with communication, payment, and was quick to let me know the doll arrived. I'd definitely would do business with her again! Thank you again and I hope you enjoy her! :)
    15. Tellnoone_Noontells commissioned an outfit from me, she had good prompt communication and was understanding when life came up and i had to delay her commission, thank you!
    16. Tellnoone_Noontells bought my Puki Puik Flora. She paid promptly, let me know as soon as the doll arrived, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you again!
    17. I sold Tellnoone_Noontells my pukipuki Nanuri she was a great buyer, very polite and asked relevant questions. She is friendly and payed promptly and she let me know when the little one arrived ^^ I would totally recommend her to anyone and would love to do business with her in the future.
    18. Tellnoone_Noonetells commissioned a number of outfits for her pukipuki from me. It was so much fun working with her to bring her ideas to life and she was really friendly and helpful through the whole process. Would be very happy to do more work for her any time again.