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Temporary Luts default eye change and price drop.

Feb 4, 2006

    1. Luts just posted tonight that they're having trouble getting enough eyes, apparently, so for the time being all of their dolls which take 18mm eyes as their defaults will come with acrylics and be $10 cheaper. ^^;

      Which affects pretty much all the Delfs except Soony and AES, and Kid Delf Bomi.
    2. FYI, because I was worried about this, if you have an order already placed but still pending, you'll get glass eyes with it. It's only new orders that are affected.
    3. Actually, all the Elf Yders come with acrylic eyes. On eluts:

      *DELF YDER-ELF Limited
      *Acrylic eyes: 18mm Random Color(NOT Glass eyes)

      Sorry! :(
    4. I have acrylic eyes with luts putty, and I've never seen anything change with the eyes. o.o