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Tender Bee-A stringing question

May 17, 2009

    1. I know nothing about re-stringing dolls but am actually attending a workshop next weekend at a convention for it. My MSD, tender bee-A girl seems to "snap back" from whatever position I put her in. Even her head does it. I'm assuming this has to do with the stringing. What should I do about this?
    2. It sounds like the stringing is too tight. You can always make the string shorter with an extra knot, but not longer, so she needs new elastic.

      At the workshop you'll probably get to know the proper length of a string, and if not, measure the string you've taken out of her and add an inch or so. There is a DOC restringing tutorial here but it's not clear about the length of the string. =/

      A neck piece or neck donut can improve the posing of the head. You might be able to snatch one at the Marketplace or make one yourself out of clay or Apoxy.
    3. damn that sounds confusing =\ I'm just afraid of taking her apart and not being able to get her back together
    4. Taking a doll apart for the first time is always scary :sweat If you're not feeling comfortable with it yet, you can always ask someone at that convention to restring her for you. That way you're sure her stringing won't be too tight ^^
    5. makes sense. thanks for the help ^_^