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Tender Creation Discussion

Jun 11, 2016

    1. Has anyone else ordered the 1/4 MSD dolls from Anna Dobryakova? Her link is here tendercreation. I really love the molds and body detail. I submitted my order for Kira and Rachel in kofe milk skin...plus I added face ups thanks to Anna. She's so kind and has been awesome answering all of my questions. I can't wait to receive these girls!
      Here is a photo posted with Anna's permission:

      Thank you to Anna who allowed me to post a pic of her new girls!
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    2. Anna's dolls are so gorgeous- and the girls on the ED forum say that her dolls pose really well, similar to Popovy. I really wanted one but had already spent my doll budget-

      But then by some miracle a couple of dolls sold- so even though I probably shouldn't spend my doll funds quite so fast, i couldn't resist. The faces are so sweet!

      I ordered Kira in Tan! I love the way Anna paints her dolls, so she is also doing the face-up.
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    3. Oh I'm glad you've ordered as well! I ordered a Popovy girl also so I'm interested in seeing how they compare. I just couldn't resist those sweet faces. I hope she keeps posting pictures on her Instagram...it will help to survive the wait!
    4. Where do you find clothes for these dolls? Do they fit normal MSD sizes?
    5. I think if you scroll to the bottom of her page here..tendercreation...I think the measurements are listed but her girls seems to have very long, dainty arms and legs. I would say fashion size but I don't own any to compare.
    6. Thanks...I will check it out. Her dolls definitely seem on the thinner side for sure. But gorgeous! Please post some pics when yours arrive!
    7. The bodies are definitely on the more slender side- but they do look more athletic-thin I think. Popovy dolls look a little undernourished, ;)
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    8. I totally agree. I love that while slender, they definitely do seem to have muscle definition. I keep going back and looking at them. I also certainly appreciate that you can buy shoes at the site too. Finding shoes is always the worst, but she offers some really beautiful ones.

      Bah...well just added another doll to my ever growing list.
    9. I am very curious to see what the dolls might fit- I suspect they will not be able to share with Popovy or RED...

      I really wanted to buy an outfit, but the fullsets were gone already for my two favorites- (Charissa I bet you got them!) ;D So I might have to get something made or... make something myself! *Dun Dun DUN*
    10. The full sets were gone! I've been researching and wonder if FR:16 outfits would fit..their legs are pretty long. I did order some skinny jeans off of etsy for my Popovy girl so I'm going to at least try those..gosh, I don't want to do battle with my sewing machine again...
    11. @chrissa5girl ... These dolls are wonderful ... What are you doing to me??? :sneaky Te he he...
      Introducing these girls is gonna hurt my bank account *rushes off to do some more research
    12. I also ordered Kira several days ago :) Just could not resist in spite the fact that Little owl by Popovy and Sofie by Lutsenko have just arrived
    13. Lol...my bank is getting real skinny too! At least we can all come here and suffer together.

      I just ordered my Popovy Peewit as well. I guess you, me and HoneyRyder will be in the poor house for a little while!
      #13 chrissa5girl, Jun 17, 2016
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    14. Has anyone already received one? :)
    15. I think it will take 60+ days for production of the girls..if I read her site correctly. So, at a minimum, it will be around August before these girls start arriving.
    16. well, I will have to live vicariously through y'all on this one and hope someone will ding me to take me to their thread to shiw their doll off!
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    17. Keeping this thread going...anyone gotten any notification? I ordered face up's for both my girls so it might take a while for me...
    18. Hi, dear. Yesterday one owner doll sent me comparatively the photo with the doll sisters Popovy.
      My dolls are perfect outfits from Sybarite and wigs too in size. Outfit from RDG, the pants fit well!

      Kira - skin light.
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    19. Such gorgeous dolls,they look bright and alive!
      and they pose so naturally.
      Anna thank you for posting the comparison photo, it is a great help :)