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Tenshi-no-Sato/FCS Experiences [2009]

Jan 19, 2009

    1. So I haven't found a thread here about EXPERIENCES about going to Sato/ordering FCS. Photo albums? Yes. Meetup plans? Yes. But stories? Not so much, unless I'm missing something.

      Anyway, I am a JET in Toyama prefecture. I made plans to go down to the Kansai area for Christmas break because I used to be a student there and I miss it like burning. I decided it was time to order my FCS, the one I wanted for two years... especially since F-40 seemed to be exactly what I wanted after seeing the sculpt in person in three dimensions.
      I got to the station early, and sat in Mister Donuts with coffee and donuts, going over the Japanese translation of my order. Luckily, there were only a few kinks in it. I went into Sato, walking past the ubiquitous Japanese doll owners posing their dolls in the lobby. I went straight up to the galleries to go over my order ONE MORE TIME and to look at all the limiteds and one-offs and to mentally prepare myself for the amount of money I was about to spend.
      I went down to look through the shop, nervous, nervous, NERVOUS. I finally wracked up the courage to go to the sheet to put my name down, and a very nice lady (Ms. Yamada) helped me out.
      Now let me explain something to those of you who do not speak Japanese- to many Japanese people, knowledge of their language seems to be an "all or nothing" endeavor. Either you can communicate at native-speaker level, or you don't know ANYTHING at all. Ms. Yamada was incredibly patient. She rephrased what I didn't understand and made sure everything was 100% clear. Yes, this is her job, but as shopkeepers and even my own coworkers often don't look me in the eye, it was refreshing.
      Still, I will say that this is with five years of Japanese language under my belt and and the faceup order pre-written out that she just clarified and wrote out for me on the form. I don't know how well one would fare with beginner's Japanese or none at all.

      Anyway, a few interesting observations of things Sato offers:

      1. If you ever are in Sato, you can see what they call "Museum ID plates" on the stairwell that look like the metal plates put on trophies or something. If you order a FCS they will ask if you want a metal plate to be put up in the hall with your name/handle name on it. So if you see "Paladia" there, you know I've made my mark. Also, it's free.
      2. Everyone knows about the Omukae outfits, especially the gorgeous Kimono-inspired outfits that are only sold at Sato. Well, I was given the option to purchase not just the boy's outfit, but the girl outfit as well. I declined as I didn't have the money to spare, but for those of you that have multiple dolls and you would like omukae outfits, know that getting both gendered outfits IS an option! (not sure about multiples)
      Keep in mind, however, I ordered a SD-10 and NOT an SD-13 boy. I do not know if it is an option if you order an SD-13 boy to get a girl's outfit as well.
      3. You get a free Volks point card. They will give you the option of getting the premium card, which has a yearly fee. It gives you some benefits with events and possibly more points, not sure. Once you get your doll in the mail, however, you can bring some certificate that came with it into any Volks store and get an upgrade. w00t.

      And now I play the torturous waiting game until the end of February! I'll be going to the Kanazawa sumika this weekend to buy him some street clothes and possibly his glasses. The only ones I've seen so far in Osaka have been EXPENSIVE as all hell, but he can't see until he gets his glasses... so I need them before he arrives..
    2. I have a SNEAKING suspicion I know you from another forum. ;)

      Beyond that...

      If you got the VS card, that is normally a flat fee, they offer it free with FCS orders. It will let you get into Sato without a reservation, plus give you a seriously rocking point system. I'm up to almost 4man in points, if I add correctly. :sweat

      The plates are really cool, but I have heard/and noticed that they haven't put up new ones in a very long time. Hopefully I get proved wrong soon. :)

      As for the glasses, peek in the DD sections, I found my Elfdoll K's aviators there for 400yen. :)

      Hope to see you out here sometime! :D
    3. For sure! I will be making the trip back down in March to see some Takarazuka plays. I should have my boy back then, so I might drag him with me for pics... it would be cool to meet up.
    4. Fabulous! Let me know when here or at the other forum (if I'm right ;)) when. :) Dolls and Takarazuka sound great together. :D
    5. You Can't Cut Back On Funding! You Will Regret This!
    6. :D

      Volks doesn't cut back on their funding. They keep bringing out more dolls to tempt us with. ;)

      ...how in the world did you mutilate my quote like that? By hand? :P