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Tenshi no Sato FCS update

Sep 6, 2004

    1. From the Volks website for Tenshi no Sato:

      "Starting September 18th, new menu items are being added to Tenshi no Sato Full Choice system!

      - The "Sitting body" has been added to Mini SD Full Choice System!
      - New wig options have been added to the SD and MSD wigs!"

      The details of the FCS menu is available only at the Tenshi no Sato location in Kyoto.

      They also list the SD/SD13 and MSD body parts variation, but I'm not sure how accurate it is.

      SD and SD13:
      21 heads
      4 types of make-up
      125 glass eyes
      12 types of eyelashes
      246 wigs
      9 bodies
      28 arms and leg options

      MSD and MSD fairy body parts:
      10 heads
      4 types of make-up
      100 glass eyes
      12 eyelashes
      8 ears
      100 wigs
      3 types of bodies
      12 types of arms and legs.
    2. wow, MORE wigs AND msd sitting body???

      :o *scraps jaw off the floor* I may have to just wait for FCS just on principle that they may update it even more!!!

      VOLKS, I LOVE YOU!!! :chibi
    3. :o

      How will I ever decide on someone with all those options to choose from!

      *head explody*
    4. you'll just have to get several!

      (I feel your pain) :crushed
    5. AWESOME! I want the sitting body SO BAD! i'll definately have to get a sato FCS when it comes out @
    6. All right! :D
      I can't wait to get my grubby hands on a new FCS doll!
    7. Nooooooooo! Oh, evil evil evil tempting-ness....

      *wacks self on head* NO MORE DOLLS! *wimpers* But I want a F17! *curls into little ball* And all those lovely choices... :cry:
    8. That's awesome! :D

      I would love to see more head, wigs, make-up, and eyes options! <3
    9. Looks like another MSD FCS may be on the cards. XD;;

      I can't wait to see pictures of the new options when they start appearing! Thanks for the info, twotone!
    10. *falls over* oh gods *looks at bank account* >_> yeah you don't need to be full any time soon.... yesh Dai needs a SD13 fcs brother oh yes he does :X
    11. Gahh... I want the sitting body!!

      And new wigs?? Pictures, I wish there were pictures posted somewhere!
    12. what is the sitting body?

    13. sitting body is the body that Yuni v. 2 came with... it allows her to kneel on her knees.


      her top of thigh joint is modified to allow this and the legs look slightly different
    14. OMG

      i want it so badly *_*~ it will have both female and male bodies???