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Tenshi no Sato FCS will be getting new parts

May 11, 2005

    1. There isn't a whole lot of information on this yet, but the Tenshi no Sato news page mentions that they'll be adding new parts to the Sato-only Full Choice System around the time of the Dolpa After Events. Exciting news... I wonder if they're adding more hand parts, or if they'll be incorporating Liz's special SD sitting body into the full-choice menu?
    2. OMG!!!! Yaaaay! They've been teasing us with a FCS update for a while now, this is fantastic news.

      I hope they'll have both the seated MSD and SD legs available :: fingers crossed ::

      I won't even hope for heads, lol, I'll be happy just with those cool legs!
    3. I hope they only add parts to the Tenshi no Sato stuff.. ;.; There's a head I want to get through FCS but it's going to take me a long time in order to build the money for it. ;.;

      Does anyone know if Liz can stand on her own with those legs?
    4. yes, she can stand on her own ^_^,... Kaede and Yuni had the same style legs and they can stand on their own.

      I'm so excited about this too!! when they said they'd make new fcs,... they could have meant years from now, so to hear that they are doing it ACTUALLY soon! :D
    5. Thats great news!
      I hope they will make those sitting legs for boys too ...
      and maybe even making tan skin throughout(?) so I can customize my dream tan F20 <3
    6. Ooohhh!!! that is SO exciting - I really hope it's the sitting legs. I'm ordering my F14 girl at the end of the month so I'll be ordering from Sato.

      I hate waiting!!!
    7. Damn!!! ;.; I was hoping to be the first here to order an F-14. ;.; Oh well..
    8. So sorry :( I've been "cutting out the extras" to get her since the head was first released and I'm only a couple hundred short now. Sorry to spoil it for you. Does no one else have the F14? I had noticed no pics... but didn't realize no one seems to have her?!

      I am going to wait till then end of the month though to see what the additions to the parts list is.

    9. I have to wait until December until I can afford anything, and by then she'll probably be gone anyways. ;.;
    10. I am soo gonna get a FCS if they add Liz's sitting body on there! Beats trying to snag it on Y!J auctions.

      Hey Shana-chan and Lyssa, I'm really looking forward to seeing your F-14s!!
    11. I'm going to sit here and cross my fingers that they're making an SDC FCS.
    12. Hehe. ^.^ At least with Lyssa getting her first, I'll know if she's as cute as I think she is. ^_^
    13. That's great. I've also been pining for an F14. Doesn't seem like anyone on DOA has one yet.
    14. Wheee! That's really cool! I'm going to Tenshi no Sato again the first week of June - I hope they have it by then so I can see it. :grin:
    15. Since everyone is talking about these in here... pardon my ignorance, but what is the difference between "normal" legs and "sitting" legs? Does that mean a doll with regular legs can't sit? o.O???
    16. hmmm i wonder if they will add yori, link's and the other standards heads
    17. Ooh, a beauty white Yori would be really lovely....
    18. I'd also love to see longlegged girls.