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Tenshi-no-Sato Full Choice System New Item 2007

Mar 6, 2007

    1. Volks releases new head molds on 17th March :)
      They have "Tenshi-no-Sato the Third Anniversary Fair" from 17th to 21st March and Kyo-Tenshi Shiratori, Byakuren and Ko-Tenshi Tsubaki are renewed to be UV protect skin, new makeup version.

      Volks web site's page

      New Sato limited Heads are 4 types. SD F-32,33,34 & MSD F-18,19
      They will be available from 18th (17th is only for sales of limiteds, they don't accept FCS order on 17th).

      *New pic from Dolly Dolly Vol.13*

      SD F-32



      SD F-33


      SD F-34

    2. Has Volks said anywhere who designed and sculpted any of these new heads?
    3. *Edit to add new pictures*




      MSD F-18


      MSD F-19


      I went to Sato and sketched all heads...I'm sorry there were no posters...

      Sketch by me again ^^; Actual head mold.

      I saw sample head at Sato and she has such under eyelashes...

      We can see these lines on eyes as his/her mold clearly.

      One sample head had faceup like this...

      "A little" opened mouth.

      With "18mm" eyes
    4. I might have understood wrong, so I will ask. Are these heads only available through Tenshi no Sato FCS? If they are, will they be available for the Tenshi no Sumika FCS?
    5. It looks like they are Sato only, so you won't be able to get them at a Sumika. There have been some Sato only heads that have been become Sumika heads but it's pretty rare.
    6. F-33 and F-34 are nice. But that they´re limited doesn´t mean you just can order them in a limited time-span, right ?
    7. I think ria_ria meant Sato limited as in "Sato only", Volks has never made FCS molds time limited.
    8. What is SD Yo-Tenshi "Mamu"

      I know about the Yo-Tenshi but I've never heard of Mamu. Are there any pictures up yet?
    9. MSD F-18

      Sample head had eyebrow like this and cheek colour was on this point.
      Sample girl was Beauty White with Neosium eyes (16mm) & pastel pink cheek. She was very pretty!!!!!

      MSD F-19


      Volks usually releases new head molds for Sato only and months later, a part of them or other Sato limited heads are turned to be available in Sumika, too.
      SD F-32,33,34 & MSD F-18 are "Sato limited" from 18th and we can order them from 18th whenever we like. (They are not limited only for "Sato Anniversary Event" ;) ) Does this make sense?

      As I wrote in the res for KaiJule, F-33 and F-34 will be available from 18th March, and not be ended by 21th :)

      Mamu is a limited Yo-Tenshi for the event "Sato Anniversary". You can see Mamu's picture here :)
    10. I love the F-33 and the F-18! I wish I lived in japan. Do the new heads cost extra or is it the same price as a regular FCS?
    11. they cost this same as old ones, but will be available only in Kyoto
    12. Hi,

      I'm in Japan and can finally look at my Volks news in person. There is no picture of it, but for those who like MSDs, there is also a new F-19 mold not just the new F-18.

      I think we're also getting some new wigs.
    13. EDIT: Ignore this post, this info has now been corrected! (see below)

      To quote ria_ria in this post (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1602944&postcount=4), "("F-19" is a misprint. I went to Sato yesterday and heard about it from the staff. They will have only 1 head for new limited in MSD size.)"

      Pity! :) I'm interested to see the new wigs, though.
    14. Does somebody know what size eyes the F-34 takes? 16mm/18mm?
    15. I noticed on the F-34's notice there were SD and SD13 printed. Can that head be used on SD13 bodies? (Even SD13 male maybe?)

      Thanks so much Ria, you're a gem. :)
    16. Bliss - I guessed 16mm because her eyes look smaller than some of the other, similar heads that take 18mm. We won't know for sure until people get back from the Osaka Dolpa and tell us about the one-offs!

      Lunesque - That advertisement isn't a notice for the doll; it's just for the Ruffle Skirt/Dress Suit clothing sets. F34 can be put on any SD or SD13 body, including boys!

      I really hope someone makes an F34 boy; I want to see one! :)
    17. There are One-Off models with new head F-32,33,34 and MSD F-19 in Sato today. But there wasn't MSD-18 One-Off.
      Sato staff said new head for MSD was only 1 type, so F-18 is lacked? :? (I'm sorry I haven't confirmed it yet. I ask it in the near future and edit the tread.)

      If there are posters of new heads, I wanted to take photos of them, but there was no.

      Eye sizes of One-Offs.....F-32:20mm, F-33:18mm, F-34:18mm. But I think poster's F-34 girl is wearing 16mm.
    18. Ummm actually, I just attended the event at Sato and there was a new f-19 MSD head. ^^;;;

      It's really really nice!

    19. Hi Rcold! You must get Mamu, too! not? :D
      And did you see MSD F-18? I couldn't take time to watch heads today, so I'm curious :D