Tenshi-no-Sato Museum

May 23, 2020

    1. Has anyone been able to go and visit the Volks Doll museum at the tenshi-no-sato location? What was it like? Which doll was your favorite? Were you surprised by something that you didn't know had been made before?
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    2. I've been there a couple times. I'm sure when I'm able to travel, I'll visit again. The grounds are beautiful, the cafe is charming, the shop has items not sold in other locations, it's great to see all the old sculpts in their museum, and great to see all of the FCS head sculpts in person.

      I've been into BJDs since Volks made the first few, so I'm hard to surprise. I've seen all of them. But seeing all the sculpts displayed in order gives them historical context. I think my favorite display is the one with Hikaru Genji.

      Both times I've been there when other guests had welcoming ceremonies which is a little much for me. It's so hard not to giggle through it when the song comes on, "Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You." I wish Volks would get the idea that "celebrating my love" is a euphemism for sex and switch to a new song. It's so awkward. >_<
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    3. Wow, that does sound hard. Have you ever made a FCS order there?
    4. You can only place an FCS order at a Japanese Volks location if you have a Japanese home address. So, no I haven't personally placed an FCS order there. They used to be more lenient about allowing proxy orders (having someone who lives there place an order for you) but they don't want people doing it that way. I don't know if anyone even offers proxy services anymore.

      But, being there does allow you to get a real feel for all the sculpts. They have busts lined up showing each and every head and you can take a close look at the sculpts, the eyes, the option parts, etc.They also have look books featuring the FCS sculpts and showing different makeup styles. I made notes about which sculpts I liked, in what resin colors, with what kinds of faceup. Most heads eventually rotate through VolksUSA's online Full Choice, so I was pre-shopping.

      You can take photos in the designated display areas and you can take photos of the grounds, but no photos are allowed in the shop or museum. That's why I took notes rather than photos for reference.
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    5. Do they have clothes for sale there? Since it is Kyoto, I would imagine they would have beautiful kimono. I really hope to go one day. Fingers crossed for 2022!!!