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Tenshi no Sumika LA limited edition dolls

Oct 29, 2005

    1. http://www.volks.co.jp/en/event/volksusa/opening_fair.html

      It's a little hard to tell from the postage stamp-sized pics that's currently up, but it looks like Volks has answered the prayers of millions of desperate BJD fans by re-releasing Anais! :D

      ...and Madoka. ;)

      Any idea who Mai is based on? She looks like an SD Four Sisters head, but that doesn't seem quite right.
    2. Aieeeeee! A Madoka?!

      OMG OMG OMG!!!!

      Tae looks a lot like Liz from that picture... I can't see the Anais girl, is it Mai? And Shizu is definitely Madoka.......

      I'm so getting Tae!!!!! :D
    4. I'm thinking Tae is an Anais. Maybe my vision has been colored from staring at Kesari my Anais girl for at least an hour daily! :oops: I don't get any Elvis vibes from that wee picture that I get whenever I see a Liz pic. :daisy
    5. Mai kinda looks like a Kun at that angle. =o_O=;;
    6. *sobs*

      Why do I live half the world away?

      Shizu.... <3 <3 <3
    7. yeah, I agree, it looks like traditional japanese editions of Anais, Liz and Madoka!

      OMG! I'm shaking! I always wanted a traditional Madoka and the Liz and Anais are breathtaking! I honestly dont know which one I like best! and to think I was all like "I can't see how I would have to have the limited, I have enough dolls!" LOL volks is so tempting all the time! AGH!. O_O
    8. Anais? Madoka?? Lucas Sweet Dream??? SCHOOL HEADS?!!


      I must rob a bank and go to California like, now. @_@;;
    9. Ooh, lucky! <3
    10. If anyone is willing to pick me up one of the limited site opening dolls please get it touch. I have wanted Madoka for a LONG time. Willing to pay you in full and a commission.
    11. Liz looks really great. wondering just about their outfits :)
    12. So does the 'Chorological Selection' mean that those dolls (Lucas Sweet Dream, Enn, Kohya etc) are going to be re-released at LA as LEs too? @_@ Man... I want to jump on a plane to LA~!
    13. You know, I'm a little sad, because I'm basically a mini collector and I'll be at the opening. I was hoping for a mini LE. Feh. They're all very pretty, but nothing I'd sacrifice the chance at an FCS to have. And no boys. Also a little disappoining.

      Help me out here, because I'm trying to figure out the rest of that page. They've listed a number of LEs from other events and it looked to me like those will be for sale at this opening as well. Did anyone else get that impression? I hope it's true because there are several on the list I'd like to have, including one I'd probably break my 'no-big-dolls' rule to own.

      Ohhh, I am in so much trouble.
    14. liz.... *swims in lust*
    15. It does seem like they will have a few (probably not many of each...?) older dolls for sale.
    16. *Squeals like a fangirl* SSQQQQQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :D

      YES!!! YESYESYES!!!!! :D

      Ahem... :oops:

      I'm so happy!! The dolls are beautiful, the place looks beautiful, FCS right away!!! I feel so warm and fuzzy inside.... :chibi

      Volks loves us... and I love them.... :love
    17. Liz? Madoka?? SWEET DREAMS LUCAS?!

      OMGGGGGG NOOOOOO :crushed

      And I remember saying so blithely just weeks ago, "heehee! it's a good thing they've not put out any limiteds I need lately!" They just HAD to drag out some old stock of SD Lucas, didn't they? DIDN'T THEY OMG

      The irony is that I'll be in Japan when Volks is opening in the U.S. :| Maybe I'll take a chunk out of my spending money and haunt the website. My odds might be slightly better if everyone else is there in person, and I'm one of the few on the site... :lol:

      I so cannot believe this. This has to be a dream. What.

      The opening sounds like it's going to be amazing... everyone, please have fun for me, okay?