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Tenshi No Sumika opens Nov 19th in LA

Oct 4, 2005

    1. Volks has an ad in the latest issue of FDQ. It has the opening date but no location. We are getting close :)
    2. Oooh! Thanks for the update, Mia! *will be sure to try to keep that day cleared* :D
    3. I read that in the Haute Doll Magazine i got in the mail today. i wish i could go down for the opening but i probably wont be going to LA until next spring :(
    4. :o Alright! Finally an actual date to look forward to! Wish I lived in L.A., it would be so exciting to visit the store...
    5. *whine loudly* WHEN~~~~~~~~ will we know what the LA Opening doll is~~~~~? :cry:
    6. That is my birthday... I wish I lived someplace near CA so I could go and visit (that would be a pretty neat b-day present ^^)
    7. Will they have online shopping also? :lol:
    8. Pooh, I won't be able to go then :cry: I'm busy that weekend. whhyyyyy
    9. I cant wait ! I hope to be able to go !
    10. :o is that a weekend?! i hope the date stays. i need to get working harder to get more money. i'm in shock that its gonna happen
    11. Nov 19th is a Sat : )
    12. This is so exciting! I'm glad that it's mid-Nov -- gives me a little time to save after Yaoicon. I hope that Aimee will still plan for a hotel block and meet-up! If so, let me know if there is anything I can do to help. :grin:
    13. even more awesome ^.^ i wont have to ditch school and work.
    14. Question I am very new to the dollfie stores is it anything like tenshi no sato but a american verson if so the would save me a hell of a lot of money for plane tickekts :oops:
    15. This is just a Sumika. I'm assuming you wanted to go to Tenshi no Sato to do FCS?
      FCS will be offered at this store but only regular FCS. Sunlight skin, and a few heads are still Sato only.
    16. I like the full choice system but does have the gardens caffee a place where we can have "cermonys" ect. that is what I was wondering
    17. No I don't think it'll have anything like that.
    18. Okay, how ironic is it that the LA opening is on the day after I land in JAPAN?

      Everyone, have fun and spend lots of money in my name! And photos, photos! I'm counting on you! :grin:

    19. Um, from what I have read in articles and from people who have been to the Volks stores in Korea and Japan, the stores do have an area for the "Omukae Ceremony", so if this store is to be the same as the others, then there should also be "Omukae Ceremony" available. Nothing has been released by Volks as to if there will be a garden area or dining/coffee area, so best to wait and see what Volks says.

      Kalmia, that is ironic! Are you getting to go to Sato? Japan or LA, gee for me, going to Japan would be the exciting trip!
    20. Do most Sumikas sell the 1/6 and garage kits too, or just BJDs?