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TensiYa - Afghan Queen Black

Dec 18, 2005

    1. :] I agree x3 She looks more like a Character of mine's mother
    2. i love the dress she is wearing. i still want to see her in light colored wigs.
    3. I think I prefer the Dollmore pictures. Looking at Anu's "Black Queen" version, I'm not too keen on her any more. I don't think she'll be going on my wishlist somehow.

      Nice dress though.
    4. :fangirl I was just going to say if anyone saw her on Anu's website in the gallery? I am glad because now I have to decide which I want Tensiya Hound of Afghan?
    5. I do like her a LOT more in the Tesiya pics... I can actually say I find her attractive enough to be related to Hound and Bermann :3
    6. Her face just doesn't have the kind of angles and definition I expected. To me, although she is beautiful, she just doesn't capture me like Hound and Berman do.

      She looks too young to me as well.

      Pretty girl, just not for me, inspite of all that glorious height and beautiful hands.
    7. ooo la la... this photo shows her off a lot better than the Dollmore ones. And that dress... *drools*
    8. I like the 1st pic in Tensiya's site. She looks alluring from that angle.

      And it looks like she's quite well endowed.
    9. Now that one is a LOT more wallet-endangering! Still don't know that I groove on the face, but, wow. The whole turn-out there. :fangirl
    10. I like her much more as made up by Anu! Wow!
      Do you think they'll sell just her body in the future? hmmm
    11. I'm not typically a fan of girl dolls, but my oh my does she ever look REGAL. o.o bow to the queen alright.
    12. I am in love with her face :love She's just so beautiful! Wow...
      >_< If it wasn't for the height... I am a little scared of tall dolls ;_; (sounds so weird when I say it, but it's true)
      Does anyone know if the head will fit on a smaller body? I would be eternally greatful for this information! :chibi

    13. Man, I'd sure like THAT option:)
    14. This is a very beautiful doll. I'm just getting into it and I'm working on buying Guyoxa Head from my sister. She looks more adult than some other the others I have seen.
    15. ooo. I like her face.
    16. i like tensiya one more :D

      <=== is definately a tensiya fan

      oh well she'll be on my wish list... :D