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Tensiya Closing Sale

Oct 8, 2008

    1. Looks like Tensiya has decided to close the Dollshe book, so to speak -- they're having a closing sale of what looks like all their remaining stock, including 3 Bermanns (2 SA and 1 DO).

      Before anyone gets their hopes up, within the ~50 minutes of the newsmail being sent out, all three Bermanns, the tanned Saint, and the IM Hound and Afghan heads were sold out -- lots of really nice clothes and things for both SD and 70cm left, though. ^^

      ETA: Since people have been asking about the Bermanns -- yes, they were there earlier, but as they have been sold, Tensiya has taken them down. They were all listed for $2,000 each, and they were as follows:

      SA no. 2 -- Shinsen-gumi SA Bermann doll, but with Louis Bermann fullset (unsold from 1st release)
      SA no. 29 -- Il Milione SA Bermann fullset (payment failure by original buyer)
      DO no. 4 -- Louis Bermann fullset (payment failure by original buyer)
    2. link please?