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Tensiya.com -the Guild of doll artist is opend

Dec 20, 2004

    1. HI dear, DOA ^^
      I opend a little llitle shop, my Tensiya.com
      Tensiya is an art guild that is organized around me, with many renowned artist.

      We are trying to making various challenges.
      Tensiya guild is consisted with only the original stylized artist.
      I hope that you can enjoy various styles not only poplular styles,
      but also dolls born from utmost originality, and the highest quality and the most beautiful fabrics.

      cause not it just opened,
      you can see only Tensi_Team's art work who is my students in 1st generation ^^,
      you can expect the 2nd generations soon too.
      They are experienced designers and producers of human clothing for a long time, hence their works' completeness and detail are impeccable.

      I wish you can enjoy our site fully. :D

      have a good day~~***


      one more ^^! We have a free "post card" service.with many pretty doll's image. :D
      please click the right bottom of Tensi_ Card.

      Happy chirist mas, Dear~~ ^^!!**


    2. Anu, your site is gorgeous, and the items you offer are so lovely and well-priced! :O I wish I had a doll to buy things for from you!
    3. Congratulations on your shop opening, Anu! You are a wonderful artist, and I can't wait to see the other's works.
      Thank you for announcing this for us!
    4. Congratulations!

      I was awaiting the opening of Tensiya :D
    5. Wow, the boy's clothes are lovely! I can't wait to see more your your/others work ^^.
    6. Dear Anu,


      I have to admit I already love your shop and bught something for my boy ^-^...
    7. Congratulations Dear Anu ^-^
      Your little shop is looking great I'll surely get something for my boys :chibi
    8. I can't wait till all the other sections finishes preparing =)

      Love Tensiya very much <3
    9. Beautiful site!! Good luck. Those clothes are excellent, can't wait to see the rest. :daisy
    10. OMG! Beautiful! The site, the clothes... sooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!
    11. Oh, what beautiful clothes! I'd love to order something but...the shipping is so high for EMS! :cry:

      Are you planning to add other shipping options in the future? I've found that regular airmail shipping (at least to California) usually takes less than a week and it's so much more affordable. :)
    12. Dear Kiriko, I thought about the shipping fees, so much too.
      but there were no safe way, becuase in my system, I don't keep any information of your credit payments..I can not require more to you in the case of over charge.

      but in the case of your less charge, I refund your rest shipping fees as credit point.
      for example, Your real EMS charge was 18.00, and our charge were 25.00,
      I will make your credit point in tensiya as 8.00. than you can use it as cash in Tensiya.

      I wanted to payback to you by paypal immediatly too,
      but small changes need charges too..(T-T)

      Dear Kiriko, if you have any good idea, can you make an advice for me?
      how can I repayment for the less shipping as the most economic way..

    13. Thank you so much for your sweetest words dear..

      I thought that my shop is too humble to introduce to everyone..
      They don't have many items, or interesting events yet. :oops:
      So hestiated to oepn, for a long long time..

      but I'm very happy to see you at my shop.
      At least, I could keep your information as like your address where you lives, now I can send a greeting cards, or my humble works to my old and truthful friends :grin:

      I know that my shop is very young and we don't have enough power to make you happy so much, but I will do my best for you.

      Please make an adivices for my at any time you want for making the sweetest shop to you, I'm waiting. :daisy
    14. Your shop is lovely... I look forward to seeing lots more of the designs..

    15. Dear Anu,

      This is so wonderful! I look forward to seeing your work, and the work of other talented artists like you!