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TENSIYA DOLLSHE BERMANN Mr. Fogg, L'etranger & Manu discussion thread.

Oct 2, 2006

    1. Three new Bermanns on http://www.anustyle.com/ - Mr. Fogg from Around the World in Eighty Days, L'etranger who is tanned, Manu who is also tanned.

      If you are having issues trying to view anustyle on IE then download this hotfix that Nena has found. :D

      They were released on the 4th of October, 11:30am Korean time. Tensiya recieved 170 order emails in the space of ten to fifteen minutes. The thirty-three winners have already been sent emails. :D
    2. I don't understand whether or not this is the Hawarang that they're already sold by e-mail or not....damn I'm SO confused! I wish they'd just sell through the website again D:
    3. I'm a little confused- are their pictures of the new Bermann yet? Do we know the name? I think the website might not be working properly for me....

    4. They said to check out anustyle.com but the only bermann on that is Hawarang, and as far as I know he's already been sold D:

    5. That waht I thought..... I think someone should e-mail Tensiya and ask.

    6. I left a message and blah, I also asked about about a week ago when they'd be selling the next bermann as the last was on a waiting list basis and they said two months!
    7. cross posted from News Section.

      If anyone has any idea how this email system works please post :D
    8. Email...Hope Anu or Momo would come and explain to us the details soon...

      I am so nervous > <" but glad they finally release the next patch!! [​IMG]
    9. LOL! the next "patch", i love that! Like a nicorette patch to stop unhealthy addiction, i so need one....
    10. I wonder if they aren't referring to Hwa Rang being ready to mail, rather than a new one?

      The way it's worded is confusing.
    11. i believe this is the new batch :D

    12. I was thinking that too Gayle, honestly, I *really* can't work it out.
    13. haha excusing me for my English XD ||| Its batch XD... Helene a u getting your 3rd Bermann lol?

      PS Sorry last time I cannot go to the Manifest and missed yr message ^^"
    14. No I'm not *thank goodness T__T* I'm here for a bunch of friends who will be trying out for this one. I hope them all the best of luck, as they all deserve one :D
    15. Hohohoho! I'm so excited as to who is the next Bermann gonna be X3
    16. Hmm, I really am curious as to how this new ordering system is going to work.
    17. I emailed the address that's posted - gaah, I'm trying not to get my hopes up about possibly-owning-a-Bermann but I'm starting to get so nervous/excited! :eusa_pray
    18. I'm confused also because the last wave of Bermann has not yet been shipped. How long will that release will take if the last one is not even over with?

    19. Gah, they use gmail. There had better not be another huge two-day gmail outage like what happened last week on the east coast. That's all we need!!
    20. well the next bermann is not going to be released soon *copies momo's answer from 2 pms*

      Dear Kag

      Hi again~
      Well, we also have a thing for next Bermann, and it will be in few months-(can be shorter) you'll love what we release! I can say so haha ^^

      There isn't any firm schedule what Bermann will be the next one, but I guess you'll love what we release in few months haha :) You know Bermann thing is our top secret, I don't even know how they will look like until the releasing day ;_;///


      so i assume that mail is to inform the current batch that they'll be mailing it out soon :D :D *refers to other pm*

      Hi there~ it's Momo from Tensiya.
      We are going to ship your Yooshin/Chunchoo in 1-2 weeks...

      so basically the next bermann is not so soon..... and yes momo admitted there are having abit of tight schedule ATM :D yes i want QoW.... lol

      like normal human being i juz mail them about the bermanns as stated in the front page... very confusing!!!! *faints*