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Tensiya Dollshe Van

May 18, 2007

    1. I just recieved an e-mail form Tensiya with notice on new items stock in their shop and guess what, a new boy is on the market VAN so I rushed here to share it with you, drop-dead gorgeous:aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea , a must have I think!!! All items are back in stock by the way, along with new ones!!!Go check!!:D

      Tensiya Van

    2. Dollshe Van is out for quite some time now..
      He's not really "new".
    3. Really....????I'm so embarassed!!! Please open a hole and throw me in!!! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I just couldn't find a thread anywhere and thought it was new, I got that e-mail too so...hee hee hee, he's new in Tensiya at least.....
    4. Dollshe van's been available at eluts.com for awhile. :P not tensiya though.
    5. Yes, it looks like Tensiya finally decided to sell him. For some reason they chose not to carry him when Dollshe first released him last year.

      He's been available at Iplehouse as well as Luts for a while now, but of course with a different faceup and not presented as a "Doctor". I have to say Tensiya has done a good job of making him look attractive and unique with the five-o-clock shadow and all :)
    6. Yeah, I now realized that I already know Dollshe Van, but when I saw him in Tensiya and with the Dr. thing and all that, my first thought was , oh here's a new doll, wooow, he looks really different than the other Vans, he has the crazy look of an artist or something, really attractive!
    7. *snickers* Dr. Van's excersizing poses. But, but O_O eyes. So big. I've always wanted Van because of his angular look but then I saw Saint. Poor Van. That new face-up is amazing. He'd be perfect for a character of mine, absolutely perfect, if not for those Mr. Rosswell Alien eyes. ;_; They need to make them 14mm's like Saint. -_-

      Ah, please don't kill me but he looks like Micheal Jackson in some of those photos. *runs away*
    8. Lol, he has stubble! XD
    9. Lol. I agree with this one. He does look like him in some pictures :lol:
    10. If his nose wasn't so large... he'd make a good L
    11. this faceup is EXCELLENT, XDDD he looks like a german doctor of old. X3 especially in the last picture.

      if not a german doctor, at least a lanky 'starving'-artist. X3
    12. He reminds me of Tea Bag in 'Prison Break'
    13. This is absolutely "news worthy" - the Van mold has been out for some long time now...and tensiya.com "chose" not to offer him...

      But, here he is!
    14. Just to point out, Van actually does wear 14mm eyes. :sweat I've tried 16s in my Van, and while he can wear them, his default is 14. That's what he came with and they continue to look the best. :)
    15. Perhaps Tensiya has noted that people are from time to time rather interested in getting a Van and have to buy him from some other where. Or maybe they were just too busy getting the last batch of Bermanns shipped to deal with getting a Van together till now.

      I shan't be getting a Tensiya Van at this time as I have mine on order from Iple (in tan), but I wouldn't rule Dr. Van out for somewhere down the road in the future. I kinda see him as a vet, giving shots to the Petdoll Ant and Kitty and checking out the tinys' Littlest Pet Shop Hamsters.
    16. No way. I don't believe you! XD Just kidding. But I saw 16mm in the first photograph of him on the site. Is it a mistake on Tensiya's part then? I'm going to have to do a search for your Van now. I want to see him with 14mms.

      I wish his face wasn't so squarish. If it was longer in the jaw area making his face rectangular instead he'd make a perfect James "Jack" Bukhar. I can just modify his eyes smaller to say 12mms. -_- The link is to a screen capture gallery, by the way. For those on dial up be wary if you click it. ^_^

      Doesn't he look like Dr. Van? Only with blond hair and Dr. Van's even got that weird half goatee thing going like Jack. Although the resemblence is mainly due to the face up I gotta admit. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/Oisa_Sinovi/jackshadow.jpg (the img link was stretching the page.)

      Jack has the looks of another original character of mine that I really, really want in bjd form too. So I'd get two characters in one doll! *sighs* If I can just find the right mould. I've vaguely settled for Saint instead. -_-

      /babbling fangirl
    17. Sure, I've posted several threads with Valere in them in the gallery. :) Here's my favorite one of him:


      I don't know why Tensiya decided to sell him with 16mm eyes as default, really; but I have tried him with the 16mm and found that if I did a side-glance like this it looked a lot better. :) (Photo by MysteryAya)

    18. BAD Tensiya, BAD!! No releasing dolls when I'm broke!! ;)

      *does a double take* TAN Van!? Forgive me for being a doofus, but when did that happen?!!? :o That might be the version of Van that could finally suck me into the 70cm world!! ...That or an SA Van. :drool Oh lordy, that would be the death of me. I'm almost considering getting a regular Van and modding him to be an SA... :love
    19. I love Van, and the work Tensiya's done with him is out of this world.

      I'll definately be getting him. :aheartbea
    20. I always wanted a tan Van, and Tensiya can get tan dolls of every other Dollshe boy but they weren't carrying Van. So one day I wrote a letter to Iplehouse and asked if they'd get me a tan Van. They said Sure. So he is on order for a few weeks now, hopefully he will soon come.