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Tensiya News Hounds Available!

Jul 11, 2005

    1. Poor Anu! Looks like she is being overrun by questions and requests to order!

      Right now they are updating their site and may be putting up some new photos of Hound? It looks like they have removed the Bermann info from the menu and just have a little bio link on the bottom right corner.

      And from the info it looks like the Hu Die Meng Bermanns will be done around 7/15 and then will start doing the Hound dolls.

      And on a personal note,
      I would like to make a suggestion to everyone who wants to contact Anu. My suggestion is to follow Tensiya's instructions and post on the 1:1 board, Hound orders and such. I think it is great that Anu is so kind to try and answer everyone's questions, but that makes me think that it takes away from getting the dolls done. Plus if it gets out of hand, Tensiya may become like other companies and not be so responsive. At least that is my feeling.

      And as for Bermanns, we just have to wait for Anu to let us know when he will be available again. I for one appreciate the attention Anu gives her collectors, you don't see that happen often. I would hate for that to end.

      Sorry if I sound a little preachy, I just had been checking out Tensiya's site lately and really feel for Anu! I am sure she appreciates all the compliments, but am I wrong that it seems a few people have become a little demanding?

      Edited to add: The log in for their site is case letter sensitive, so if you created your password with capital letters, it remembers that. I know people have trouble ordering, so maybe that could be a factor.

      Edited to add that the Haute Doll Hound, wow. Why do I have a thing for boys with dark hair and blue eyes? He is sold out, but the regular set Hound is available. And the 1:1 Board worked just now for me.
    2. Hiya HouseofIsis~ :daisy

      I'm surprised she isn't driven dizzy because of the rabid hound/bermann fans :oops:

      But I think it's a matter of NOT READING her replies or looking at her posts to previous questions (on the general/coverstory board). And as far as demanding goes... perhaps it's from being overeager or excited?

      Since most of her orders are to the US, I think our attitude consists of instant gratification of consumer expectations ~ 'I have money now, so you give it now' .... :oops:

      Ack...I'm letting the econ nerd out...*beats back the demons*

      Anu is a kind person; I think she sets aside some time each day to answer people's messages :daisy
    3. Hiya Happy!

      I think you are so right!

      In the land of instant gratification here we have to learn patience if we want to achieve what we truely desire. The rewards are so much more worth it!

      I've never written to Anu, but from her comments she really appears to be a humble kind soul. Even if people don't get a Bermann doll, I am sure she will be doing alot more incredible dolls in the future. It is really satisifying that someone like her is doing so well! We as collectors are so lucky.
    4. Anu is so sweet, and as we all know the dolls will be amazing when they are done, we should all just leave her alone and let her do what she needs to do! Why on earth do people keep pestering the poor woman? As far as I'm concerned, I'm so thrilled to have been able to order one, and I don't care when it comes. I know he'll be so wonderful, and I'd hate to rush her artistic process. When he comes, he comes. People should go play with their dolls and not be in such a rush... Anticipation is a wonderful thing! Savor it! :daisy
    5. Well people are going to be excited, so of course they're going to flood the site with comments! I don't think they mean any harm.

      I think Anu should of waited to announce the big news of her Hound until she shipped the Bermanns and had a proper order form for people to fill out, like the Bermanns. However I wish her luck with all the people that she's getting wanting attention. *_* She seems very sweet and probably didn't realise that she'd get such an overload!
    6. I don't think it was the HDM people that's bogging her -- it's the people who want to order Hound ^^;;;; There was an awful lot of people posting a reply on her previous top-pic wanting one and I guess she's feeling pressurized by the large number of eager buyers XD;
    7. Well, I'll admit that I commented on the post, since I just happened to go by the site last night and say that it had changed. I figured since things were actively being changed, that the updates she had been talking about were happening right then. It was like 3 in the morning and I was going to go to bed, so I was just curious if I should stay up and wait, if it was happening that soon. In the end, I fell asleep and I think the site hasn't finished updating yet anyway. ^^;
    8. "schedules on 10th~ 17th july :

      1) all shippments for Haute doll (packing)
      2) preparing Doll Festival (making Tensi shop miniature)
      3) waiting for secret gift for Hu Die Meng(.. T-T; )
      4) system rebuging. (include perpect card system)
      5) Tensiya korean is preparing."

      No word on the Bermanns then, shipping or the next set. sigh!
    9. Has anyone who "pre-ordered" the Haute Doll Hound heard from them regarding final cost, credit card info, etc.? I was pretty sure that I had reserved him in time, but haven't heard back from Haute Doll. I did send them an email today, but was just wondering if anyone else had finalized the payment/shipping arrangements for HD's Hound.


    10. Hey Michelle
      From what it says on TensiYa, it looks like the Haute Dolls are delayed, but since there were only 30 of them and they are sold out, you are smart in following up. If you look under Anu Limited you can see the Hound, he's $970 including shipping to the US. I hope you get one, he's gorgous!

      I just followed up with that other magazine about their limited doll that they said was available if I subscribed and sent my order in right away. They lied, and I'm not too happy about it. I did both and it turns out no dolls were available, they were sold out. Grrrrrrrr
    11. I ordered my Hound from Anu earlier today - I was in the first group of 'pre-reserved' Hounds. I got the esthetic process and the clothing, but no other extras, plus the shipping to the US. He came to $683.


      Now, to hope he gets here before I go on vacation. I've asked Anu to hold him until I get back if she can't ship him by the 19th of July. She said she'd try, but can't make any promises at this point. I really appreciate it - she's so nice!

    12. I received a reply from Haute Doll, and I made the cut! :D As soon as they receive the dolls in their offices, they will then send out the invoices/order forms to those that were able to make the reservation list.

    13. Kiyakotari, how did you know to place your order for Hound? I got the initial email from Anu telling me I was in the first group but no follow-up email directing me how to actually place my order.

      :daisy --kris
    14. Well, I'm not Kiya-san but I'll answer anyway XD;; I think most everyone in the 1st group got an email yesterday (I actually got two, they were identical except for the subject line ^^; ). If you know you're in the first group, I'd go ahead and try to order.

      I made my order and paid yesterday, and when I went back to look at the order under my profile, there was a little note next to it that said "1st group" or something like that. I'm thinking that the 1st group's user names are tagged so that no matter when you order, you will have priority in the system from being in that 1st group. ^^;;

      I hope that made sense, I'm still too excited.. :D
    15. I got the two e-mails also.. And it states I am in the first cut.
      Gearing up to actually place the order because each time I look I want a different configuration!
      Decisions, decisions!
    16. I've kept all of my communications with Anu on the 1:1 area, and she has been AMAZINGLY responsive..and I've asked some silly questions. I've been tempted to go so far as to tell her "Don't worry about answering now, I can wait!"

      I really feel for her at the moment, as she has got to be one of the busiest people on the planet. Her quick responses and the good feedback of others has really made me comfortable ordering with her, and I'm sure others have been impressed as well.

      Patience IS a virtue, however, kiddies ;) All will come together in time, and we'll be loaded with happy Hound-kids before you know it!
    17. I am so excited I got to order my Hound yesterday! I wasn't expecting to hear anything until August or later, since I figured it would take some time before Anu and her team would get to them. I can't believe he will be here the end of the month. The rest of the family is awaiting his arrival now and they are excited to see what he looks like up close. Hope everyone else doesn't have to wait long either!

      Ciao :grin: