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Aug 17, 2005

    1. The SA hound and the BW Hounds are for sale...^^
    2. She also has basic clothes for Hound and Berman in the style page. :chibi
      I wonder when she'll have the tan hound... YAY~ Mr. Dollshe! He's my hero :daisy
    3. oooh, I think the wigs for hound are new too. some awsome fur wigs...
    4. Oh GOd
      the SA ...love the SA
    5. Tallboy clothes--!

      I love Anu. <3
    6. Great Hound, Great outfits, Great wigs...just amazing... :daisy
    7. ......

      I am so broken right now.

      I mean...SO many lovely new things!

      I am guessing that a paycheck next month is going to have a few new clothing purchases...
    8. Yeah, I got an email....thought it was notice of Hu Die Meng shipping!!! :( Ah well...they are gorgeous, aren't they?
    9. ...but..Hu Die Meng is shipping! Right? You've got his tracking number? *hope!*
    10. Nope! :( But the word was that HDMs are supposed to ship this week or next. Hope, hope!
    11. Yeah . . . some really nice new dolls and like the SA Hound alot and he has nice brown hair. :grin: Wonder when she will release the tan skinned Hound and her little Ru. The clothes were are really nice surprise. Love them.


      Wishlist: SA Bermann, DO Bermann, SA Hound, SD13 Madoka . . . :oops:
    12. Ru is the weekend
      but I wish I could see more pictures of her
    13. Oh Ye Gods!

      Ok ...she is mine !
    14. ..that's what I said after the frilly pink dress pictures.

      The new ones in the black and red were even worse.

      The plan is once that she arrives, I can start sizing her for a Boo monster costume, ala Monsters Inc.

    15. Gah I am soooooo getting whiteskin Hound! *swoons*

    16. Oh CUTE !!!
      I hope my Leeke Teddy coats fit her
      if not Im gonna have to make her one for her size :D
    17. :crushed
      I was hopeing they would go on sale today but a notice has gone on the site
      they will be available 25th
      :crushed 5 more days to go
    18. At least she isn't limited, so I can wait out getting her! *Relief!*