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Tensiya One Off Charity Afghan

Oct 31, 2007

    1. Lovely full set girl new on Tensiya.com



      # works done by Anu, All profits (full prices) is donated to charity event for children.

      # Esthetic course are not done (Removing parting lines) If you want, it takes 1 weeks.
      no addirional fee required.

      # If you need no esthetic course, shippment will be done immedatly.
      no shipping fee required.

      # Consist with :
      Doll (Afghan doll.as white skin type) + face up (H.Y) + Eyes (ordermaden Kanis)
      + Styles(Order maden fabrics,laces, dress, underwears,etc.every materials by special order) + Carrier (Tensiya Limited editioh) + and etc.
      + One doll only (one- off doll)