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Tensiya PayPal issues.. poor Anu! ;__;

Mar 20, 2006

    1. I was having my daily stalk of tensiya.com [I can't order my H.Hound for a couple more weeks and I keep checking to make sure he's in stock :sweat] when I noticed an "Emergency- Attention" headline in the news section.

      I guess there was too much activity in her PayPal account when she had to refund the payments for people who didn't actually win Bermann, and now PayPal has frozen her account. ;___; She said something about having to wait 180 days for them to unfreeze it.. I MIGHT die if I have to wait that long to order my Hound.. ._.

      I feel really bad for Anu, she's obviously totally distressed over this whole thing... does anyone have a lot of experience with PayPal? Is there any way for her to bypass this?

      I hope things work out, not only 'cause I want my Hound [:sweat] but 'cause Anu does such awesome work and this really isn't fair to her.. :atremblin
    2. 180 daysto freeze it? WHY? Hell you only have 45 days coverage if you want to get a reimbursement... what's the deal with the 180 days?

      Man I hope she doesn't relaese another Berman during that time period cause people are going to be screwed.
    3. Paypal will most likely require her to submit a bunch of personal information to confirm her identity and proof of the existance of the items she is selling. Best bet is for her (or a US rep for her if she has one) to call Paypal customer service at 1-888-221-1161
    4. Paypal's been known for bankrupting companies by freezing their accounts this way. You're not allowed to accept payments for items that are preordered / not in stock either. The wait could be even longer than 180 days.

      With all the activity of large amounts passing and going, I suspected it would happen and I'm seriously surprised their account was not frozen sooner. I hope for everyone's sake that the situation is remedied quickly..
    5. It's a protection they(paypal) have for themselves and the seller.
      They(paypal) have a spending limit that includes sending money and refunding money. They(Tensiya) easily went over that with the whole Bermann issue and so they freeze it for awhile.
      I understand both views on this. I imagine it must screw up paypal's books quite a bit having that much money go so quickly to them and only to have it all refunded within a couple hours time. If they hadn't refunded the money I don't think it would have been frozen.
      The being said, yes it really screws up Tensiya. They can still recieve money but wont because if something happens with your order or someone cancels, they wouldn't be able to refund anyone.
      I wonder if they have a business account and if this can somehow be resolved before 180 days or if they'll just have to wait it out. She's been mentioning making another account but she doesn't want people not trust Tensiya (it would look weird to some if they all of a sudden had a different account).
      She's been talking about using her own account but I think we'll just have to wait and see. She's been trying to contact them so......
      Poor Anu....
    6. Gah... This is a bummer. Because while I was charged, Anu hasn't actually accepted my payment, yet. I guess this is why. I wonder how long of a delay this is going to put on the Bermann shipment? :/
    7. I don't imagine she'll be doing much of anything for a while.. and she definitely wouldn't release a doll when.. no one could buy from her store. o_O;

      She mentioned in the article that this was going to be a big week, and judging by the preview image, I figure she was probably going to talk about Heimdall Bermann's eyes going on sale and perhaps some new wigs from the look of it.. it just really looks like it's messing a LOT of stuff up, both for Tensiya customers and poor Anu..

      Here's hoping PayPal is reasonable and Anu figures out some way to make this work~ ;_;
    8. This happened to my father, he runs a small business and had his account frozen for god knows what. She'll get the runaround if she calls Paypal customer service, but that's the best, if only way the problem can be resolved without a 180 day wait. Dad got his account reinstated after much arguing, so maybe Tensiya also has a chance.
    9. At least we all know Tensiya's very trustworthy. Anu's fans will stick with her no matter what! This would be much worse for them if they were a brand new company that nobody knew of. This seems like a pretty harsh measure from Paypal, if there's no easy way for a reputable company to get their account unfrozen.
    10. Dont worry...it shouldn't stop the Bermann's from being shipped or anything...she's said that for the next release she's even planning on using her own funds because she doesn't want to hold up anything.
      Yea and I agree...since it's Tensiya I don't think they should have to worry too much since they have a huge backing in the fan base.

      Brynn- If you could, maybe post a comment on Tensiya and say exactly what you told us here? I think that would help Anu and give her somewhere to start from and give her hope of getting the paypal account back up and running soon.
    11. Poor Anu....first the server overload, now this! I hope she bounces back soon! Sounds like she also had new things to show us too.....Alex
    12. Even after my dislike of the Heimdal release and the aftermath, I still feel bad for the issues this causes for Anu. I would offer up my own account, which is a bussiness-like account and can accept CC payment, etc, if she needed it. o.O
    13. That's strange, I was polite when they froze my account a while back, and it only took a not-too-long phonecall, and repeating my password, name, and what happened a few times. Although, my account was only frozen because I bought somethign on ebay while at my sister's house (in Washington).

      Hopefully this'll all be resolved soon.
    14. That's bullshit. My company deals with VERY similar transactions, often in a much higer volume AND out of the blue, and doesn't freeze accounts for 180 DAYS??? That's RIDICULOUS. It takes us maybe 10 to reopen an account that's been frozen if we're requiring personal documents, and that's if we're really goddamn busy.

      Paypal just skimps on the customer service to make more money for themselves. They have like, NO staff. moneygrubbingbastards.

      I can understand the freeze because it IS possible to use Paypal to launder money. Not easy, but possible. But taking that long for an investigation is just retarded.

      Excuse my french. -_-; But 180 days is just GODDAMN LAZY.

    15. I totally agree.
      However I think there's a huge language/cultural barrier that is going to seperate tensiya from getting a good explanation and getting their service back soon.
      I've had my share of issues with using my paypal account so I completely understand and can never get a straight answer outta them.
    16. This is the third BJD co. that I know of to have this happen. When I ordered my Bella from Dollmore, just recently it happened. My money was refunded and I had to send it to a different Paypal account. Also Catrina who sells the Narin dolls had it happen to her! There has to be some solution for companies when a new doll becomes available and the rush is on!

      And... I do feel so sorry for Anu..... she is nothing but wonderful!

    17. I had this happen with Dollmore too. And to make things worse, they froze that account too, so dollmore asked if they could refund me and have me pay via a different service. I couldn't help though, because I paid via credit card, rather than paypal balance, so paypal refunds the credit card, and that takes a month to clear. I'd already had to wait a month for the first clearance, and didn't have any spare money to do it again. Bah! Stupid evilbay companies.
    18. I suppose they could always use another method of accepting payments while their paypal account is frozen.
    19. Back in the old days of ABJDs, Wire Transfers were the only way to get some of the dolls.

      This may be an option for Tensiya and Anu. PayPal is a pain, and I'm not sure helping them is helping small business all that much. Don't know, though, as I don't have a small business.
    20. Paypal has serious issues IMHO… I did a wire transfer to get Mikos from Luts, and it was actually a very smooth transaction, apart from the fact that my bank charges for it.

      Poor Anu, though- she really doesn’t need this right now.