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Tensiya's Husky

Jan 31, 2006

    1. Estimated release date: next week

      Pictures: non atm :( will post it up as soon as i see them

      Original Source: momo :D

      god i am going to be broke... ah well i might as well pm about afgah.... lol later peeps
    2. I would also like to share Tensiya's reply to me...


      Dear Tensiya,

      I was wondering if there is a new DOLLSHE doll coming out. I saw one at Iplehouse and his name is Husky. Is this a new doll? Or is it a modified Hound doll? Are you going to sell it sometime this year?

      Thank you for your time!


      Dear customer

      Hi there~it's Momo from Tensiya ^^
      Of course, we are planning to release him from our shop too.>_<
      We think it will be about next week...and right,his head is modified Hound head..^_^
      I met him and felt very special thing from him, I think you'll love him too! ^^

      Please write here at anytime you have any inquiries

      Best wishes