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Tensiya's release of Dollshe Heimdall DO Bermann discussion thread

Mar 11, 2006

    1. x_<

      Want. >< But dollie budget blown.... what to do?!
    2. What does she mean...

      "Bermann project is now re_starting...
      innext week....(14th~18th March) Do. (3rd) are comming.."

      What exactly is supposed to happen during those four days?
    3. I think those are the days they are supposed to go on sale... I don't think it's going to LAST that long LOL
    4. Hasn't she promoted the last Bermann's with completed pics for several months before she actually sells them?

      Also, usually she announces, ahead of time here, when the dolls will actually be on sale, so I think she is just bringing out the promotional pics of the doll.

      That's my guess anyway.
    5. ^_^ I hope this is so. I'd really love to see what he looks like before I decide to try for him now or wait for another release. ^_^
    6. Yeah, I'm guessing that was the 'old' way...this time, instead of having the 'prototypes' up long before, and having everyone wait until they are made, I believe she has them pretty well under way (or has been) so after the order the wait will be less....for all we know they could be ready to ship! I think that's a better way to do it so people aren't hanging on with a long wait.
    7. ...ah christ...I needed the long wait though. lol Oh well, I'll just have to get the funds back up and wait patiently for my golden opportunity.

    8. That would be better for sure. It would be amazing if they were actually ready to ship.

      Guess we all know where I will be bright and early on the 14th :)
    9. Noooo! If only she could take layaway! :crushed
    10. 14?!?! OMG!!! OMG!!! Totally going to stalk this post... =P
    11. YYYYYYeeeeeee HHHHHHHAAAAAAWWwwwwww....well, its abt time too - Alex
    12. I was wondering when the next ones were going to be released! I can't wait to see pics of him!
    13. This is so unfair! T_T I have not the money, but I want a Bermann so bad! T_T *sob* ;_;
    14. God, how much to the Bermann sets that she's been releasing fo for initially? ::wonderis if she's got enough $$$::

      Nevermind, saw the prices for the others :D
    15. too many gorgeous men x.x I must stay happy with what I have, cuz I can't get another until my next b-day lol (begging for an SD16'll do that to ya) but ohhhh....I hope she does release promotional pictures first!
    16. Great!!
      Bermann is coming....~~
    17. THREE days after I ordered a Hound...

      THREE DAYS!! *cries*

      Actually, thats a good thing *perks* when the NEXT one comes out.. I won't have a NEED for hound to get in the way :> And I can have BOTH :>

      Still can't believe the timing.. I swear she has been reading my mind...

      Be well

    18. HOLY! :>) There'll be some happy people when this happens! Can't wait to see what he looks like!
    19. would it be a bad idea to try to buy him if it'll almost clean out my bank account? ie, how common/normal of an occurance is that? ;_;