Terminology... Faceup vs makeup

Jan 22, 2021

    1. Weird question, where did the word "Faceup" come from? Why do we say give a Faceup, instead of repaint or new makeup?

      Recently I used the word Faceup in an off-topic doll custom group, and several people were confused. I had to explain what it meant and they asked why I didn't just say paint or makeup. As long as I've been aware, since early 00s the bjd community has always said Face up. At that time fashion doll customizers said repaints, but some have since started saying Faceup. I think its a pretty self explanatory common term, but maybe not. Anyway, It just made me wonder if anyone knew where it started?
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    2. I recall Volks being the first to use it, but didn't recall how/where I had read it. From this thread, it seems they used it for their 1:6 Dollfie fashion dolls, which is how I discovered BJD. Then Korean face up artists kept using the term when writing in Japanese for auctions, or so it seems. You can find more discussion about it here, on a much older DoA thread. (:[font]
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    3. It definitely seems self-explanatory to me! I understand why someone who hadn't hear the term might need a quick definition... but a face-up definitely is a bit more than makeup, as far as I've perceived! When I go to the bathroom to do my makeup, I'm just putting on extra defining details... whereas the doll faceup can* include adding all the depth and color to their skin, as necessary so they look like they have a whole face!

      I think it's kind of like the "is a square a rectangle?" question....

      Makeup can be a faceup, but a faceup isn't necessarily just makeup!

      *I say "can include," because there are definitely many wonderful face-ups that leave the skin mostly as-is and add only a bit of blushing :)
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    4. I'm not familiar with the history of the word, but it always made sense to me. Makeup makes me think of eyeshadow and lipstick, but some dolls have very natural looks to them, so I think faceup is a good term to describe painting the doll's face in a more general sense. Though I have found when trying to describe it to people outside of the doll hobby, there's sometimes a disconnect where they forget that features like eyebrows are, in fact, painted onto the surface of the head, and not just a default part of a doll, so they get confused.
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    5. I think faceup is just giving a doll a face. If they have a very natural look, I wouldn’t call that makeup. I think of makeup as being face paint or heavy makeup. So technically I guess a doll could have both in a way! Though I have seen some companies use makeup instead of faceup on their sales pages.