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Terrible transaction with Crobidoll

Dec 8, 2008

    1. I paid for a Dreamingdoll boy body on the 31st August, straight away with paypal from Crobidoll. They confirmed the payment a few days later and all seemed good. 8 weeks later, I asked them the status of my package as their page states it takes 7~21 days to ship and it had gone over the time frame. They simply told me they will have it done soon. I waited a while longer. On 19th October I finally got impatient and asked when I am to get my body as others who had ordered the same thing on the 1st of October had already recived theirs. They said it will be out in a few days, and indeed on the 21st of October I got a shipping notice. I kept my eye on the tracking, seeing it arrive in the UK and get a cutoms charge, which was no proble. However I noticed it went to a depot that isn't my usual depot, so I rang up Parcelforce to enquire about it. It turns out the parcel has a differnt postcode to the one I provided, so it had gone to a differnt place in the UK, with the same road name but differnt postcode. They told me they cannot change the senders address unless the sender does it, or the delivery is failed. And as the address with the wrong postcode exists, I was adivsed not to pay the customs charge and let it be delivered incase someone takes in the parcel at this wrong address, and the best thing would be to let it be sent back to the sender after 3 weeks.

      I informed Crobidoll about this, and was simply told to pay the cutoms and I will recive the package. I repeated it is the wrong address on the parcel therefore I would not recive it, but they did not belive me and started becoming very hostile and rude when I asked them to readdress the parcel and send it back to me when it was returned to them. They kept telling me to pay the customs charge, and I paitently explained it would be sent to a differnt address if I did this, as even the tracking they sent me showed the delivery postcode as a differnt one to my address. I sent them maps showing the place it was being sent to and my actual home, and other things to try and explain. They finally agreed it was indeed addressed wrong, but said this:
      "Hi~!Sorry but we wrote down your address correctly.
      The internatinal post office said to us, it's not our mistake, one of the postmen in your country made mistake, so your package is in a wrong area and it is charged. They recognized it on the phone. Why don't you want to recognize it? Why do you think we made a mistake?
      We didn't make a mistake to you & your package. We don't know why the postman in your country made a mistake exactly.
      We can't control the shipping problem from the post man in your country and we can't control the mistake of the postman in your country.
      We don't understand why you don't want to trust us. We're disappointed you."

      I am not sure why they have a right to be angry with me, as I have done nothing to the parcel, I haven't even recived it! But in anycase, they agreed to refund me the money after the doll had been sent back to them on the 14th of November.

      Now it has been just over 3 weeks since the doll had been sent back to sender (This is the status on the tracking) and Crobidoll claim not to have recved it. I had asked if they could kindly investigate the parcel and refund me, and this was their reply.

      "Hi~!Thank you for your email.
      Sorry but we didn't receive your package from the customs in your country.
      If you want to know what happened to your package, you have to call the customs in your country.
      It's not our fault and you didn't want to & didn't try to trust us.

      We'll refund your money to you after we receive your package from the customs in your country."

      I am not sure what more I can do to try and get my refund, as its well over the paypal claim date, AND chargeback date. I will update if anything happens, but all I can say is I am quite disgusted witht heir service, as I did all the running around to try and even locate my parcel and solve the problem, while they simply repeated over and over again to pay the customs charge even after being shown the address is wrong.
    2. I'm really sorry for what happened to you, everything is just so horrible.
      There is no point to defend Crobidoll when they claimed the address was correct and the fault was their about the mistake in sending your package, but they indeed had trouble with the production of Dreaming doll bodies. Well, I guess so, because I tried to contact them. I wanted to purchase Dan in WS directly from Baron, and I received a reply after a month.
      My friend ordered her Dreaming doll body in August, and all went fine. I don't know why you had to wait so long, even if there could have been problems with Dreaming doll.
      What I can't stand is why they have any reason to be angry with you. If you have a problem, the problem is not only yours. They have your money now, you paid, so you deserve a proper customer service and you need help.
      I'm very worried about this because I ordered a Dreaming Doll girl body from Crobi two days ago, during the free shipping event.
      I hope that customs at your country and Royal mail service will give you more info about your shipping. I know how you feel, that's really a horrible story >_<
    3. Holy Sheeeyet! That's awful o.o! I can't believe you were treated so badly by the company... A mistake is understandable, but for them to deny it and then blame you and be mad at you for "not trusting them" is ridiculous. A company does not have or deserve any trust until they have proven they deserve it. They have no right to demand it when they are falling short x.x!

      I don't really have any advice with you, other than to check with your postal service, right? If it has tracking and is insured they should have confirmation that PROVES the package was delivered... If Crobidoll truly doesn't have it then I'd imagine they'd have to file a report, since the delivery status says it's been delivered...?

      Ick, I wish you the best of luck with this, and feel free to PM me if you want some support in sending angry e-mails or something o.o;;!
    4. That is awful. I can't believe that a company would treat a customer that way. I totally believe that once you pay them, it is the companies responsibility to make sure you are happy until that doll is in your hands. I really hope that you can work this out with them. What a horrible situation.
      Please keep us all updated. <3
    5. This is really terrible, how can a company treat a customer like this way, even the customer didn't do anything wrong?:o
      I am sorry to hear what happened to you, kazezakura. :( I think I will not order any dolls from Crobidoll anymore and I will also tell all my friends who love dollfies what happened to you cos it can happen to you today, it can also happen to us tomorrow.
      I hope Crobidoll will take their responsibility for you. Please keep us update.
    6. That's awful. It sounds like maybe they don't understand what exactly happened? Perhaps there is someone who can translate your situation into their language and explain better. Regardless, I don't see how they can claim you didn't trust them when they got their package back (or certainly should have, by now!) and they are not out any money. YOU'RE the one who is out the money, and YOU are the customer. I find this behavior very wrong on the part of a company.
    7. Oh wow..that's so horrible! I'm sorry dear..:[ I hope that you can still get your refund. I think you handled this situation extremely well, especially with the amount of patience you had with them. I know I would not have been nearly as accepting as you were.
      And to treat a paying customer like this is just unbelievable. You were very patient and kind to them even when explaining the situation and they just turned around and were that rude to you? That really blows my mind.

      I hope all goes well for you.
    8. hmmm this happened to me with luts, but I had to rearrange the delivery address using my passport through the post office, as luts refused to have anything to do with it and were going to make me repay shipping if it was returned to them.

      ...I have no advice, and just hope you can get it sorted.
    9. Whatever you do don't cut off contact with Crobidoll no matter how insufferable their behavior might be you need to keep them updated on your situation as well as us. I hate that this happened I've never heard of any bad transactions with Crobidoll before and thought they were one of the safe ones.
    10. :( I'm sorry to hear this bad news... T___T
      I love Crobi's dolls, and I think I'll save for 1 of them, but with this news... I will consider this one for future decision...

      I hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible and you'll get your money back instead of the body that you don't receive. *hugs
    11. oh, i'm sorry to hear that, it's not agreeable at all,
      they have amount of great dolls, but guess they are actually
      newbies as a company, and don't have that much of experience
      with this client side of marketing and stuff, although i seen them
      as normal people trying to do a good job but not handling with
      some situations, that i hope it won’t happen frenquently (cos i do have
      plans to buy a doll there :sweat), ill give you my support.
    12. This is the reply I have recived from Crobidoll:
      "Hi~! Sorry but we didn't receive your package from the customs in your country.
      They just started to progress to return it to us on 14th, Nov., 2008. It doesn't mean they send it to us on 14th, Nov., 2008.
      If you don't trust us, you can check it out to the customs in your country.
      They're progressing to send it back to us now so we didn't receive it yet.
      We're frustrated your rudeness too. You didn't trust us so you don't have a right to blame us.
      It's not our fault and the post office in your country checked it's not our fault and it's their mistake so they apologized but you didn't try to listened to our saying. A lazy post man in your country made a mistake."

      Infact, Royalmail/PF have never said it was their error, I do not know where Crobidoll have got that from. I am waiting till Thursday which is 4 weeks after it has been sent back before formally sending a letter asking for the refund or I will have to think of taking further action.
    13. Whatever happened I don't think it's good business to call your customer rude. It's unprofessional.

      I've had a company mess up and they were like "Sorry for the inconvenience. Give us the details and we'll work on a solution." They stayed to the point even when I started to nag due to communication confusion. It's frustrating to try to write something as clear as possible and still end up misunderstood, but it all turned out okay and the service was good. I was never called rude or given the impression I was being a bother.
      I as a customer had a problem and the company (jaimedoll btw) fixed it for me.

      I'm sorry to hear Crobidoll is being impolite. It's bad enough something went wrong with your order, but a company giving you a hard time with accusations is pretty tough.
      I hope you'll get your refund soon. Keep us posted.
    14. Someone at Crobidoll is taking a customer complaint far too personally. What's up with this 'trust' issue? It wouldn't matter if you'd trusted them to the hilt, they still addressed your parcel incorrectly. Trust wouldn't have got your doll home. I find this incredibly unprofessional and I wouldn't waste my money on this company.

      Kazezakura, I feel awful for you, but you have to keep on at them or you might not see a penny of your money again.

      The other issue is Parcelforce. On occasion they have got things incorrect, but getting an admission of blame from them is harder than getting blood from a stone. What you could have done is request a photograph of the parcel's postal address from Parcelforce to check if the address was correct i.e. the one you provided.
    15. It never ceases to amaze me how some people who work in customer service lack the most basic courtesy. I can't believe they're accusing you of being rude when you're being polite and they're being so unhelpful!
      Trying to blame 'a lazy post man' makes them look even more unprofessional.

      'It's not our fault and you didn't want to & didn't try to trust us.'
      If you'd trusted them and followed their initial advice, you would have paid the customs fee for your parcel to be delivered at another postcode. The people living there could have refused it, in which case it would have been sent back and you would have paid the customs fee for nothing. Even worse, a dishonest person could have signed for it and kept the body you paid for. What kind of idiotic advice is that?!

      Fingers crossed you'll get your refund soon.
    16. it seems to me that crobi doll are lying.....very very badly.

      If you get as much proof as you can that all this happened, and that they have infact recieved the parcel (which I'm sure you can) then you have a legal right to demand service. I'm pretty sure of that.

      This customer service is appauling, I dont know how you can be succesfull with service like this.

      I ask, has anyone else ever had a shipping issue with crobi? if so, what did they do? I'm interested to find out if this has happened before.
    17. people please dont jump down my throat for this, but, maybe they're replying to your mentioning that their behavior was rude (which it was) so they may just be replying back to your word. Unless you didn't say it first, in which case they have no reason to be calling a customer rude. Don't let communication break down, even though you've done all that you can on your end. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!
    18. Well, I'm never buying from Crobidoll if that's how they treat their customers. Sheesh! That's absolutely unacceptable. Did they get their customer service training from a disgruntled Luts employee or something?
    19. well...fudge i just paid them for mikhail, this news make me a bit worry.
    20. Well, I just got my Thor head and I must say that my buying experience with Crobidoll was excelent. They were very kind and answered to all my questions even before I made my order.

      Maybe there was some misunderstanding, I'm pretty sure about that, so keep going and I'm sure everything will end up fine ;)