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Texas State Dolly Social - August 14 - Austin Texas

Jul 12, 2011

    1. Any and all are invited to join us for the First Annual Texas State Dolly Social at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin Texas on August 14 at 3:00 pm. This event will be a mixer of sorts for doll collectors from the State of Texas to meet and greet and admire beautiful dolls.

      The Four Seasons is being kind enough to accommodate us and extra space for our dolls. They will be serving a beautiful afternoon tea for all that attend in the gorgeous setting of the Four Seasons Lobby.

      To RSVP and have your seat reserved for the tea party, please PM the following form to me (Branchuchan) by August 1, 2011. You will need to also Paypal the amount of $37 (marked as a gift) to branchuchan@gmail.com before August 10, 2011. The cost of $37 includes the cost of your tea service, plus gratuity, plus taxes. Once you make your payment, you will not have to worry about splitting checks or anything at the event. Everything will be taken care of!

      How Many Attending:
      Do you have any special needs? (Food allergies etc):

      I will confirm when I receive your form and payment for the tea.

      Can't wait to see see everyone there!