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Thank you almostangel

Feb 9, 2007

    1. Hello,
      Just to say that I had a very pleasant transaction with almostangel who adopted LatiWhite LILY.
      thank you
    2. Thought I'd leave my feedback for Almostangel here. I bought my Asiam from her and she was an absolute dream from beginning to end. Great communication, packed my dolly supersafely, and basically amazingfantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. :)
    3. Almostangel bought a doll from me and her communication was great. She was very nice to work with and I hope we can do business again in the future!

    4. AlmostAngel bought a custom headpiece from me. She was an absolute pleasure to do business with, paid very promptly, and had great communication!
    5. almostangel is awesome! I bought a Too girl from her and she was very patient with me ^_^ Kept in contact, even gave me her phone number to call her when Too got here! She's a wonderful seller I recommend her 100%
    6. almostangel is a sweetie n___n She bought a Too from me and everything went smoothly :D And shes a really nice person to deal with :]
    7. I sold almostangel a School A on a body, and she has excellent communication, pays swiftly and securely, and is a pleasure to work with ^_^
    8. I have the pleasure of owning two BEAUTIFUL dresses from almostangel - one is white satin all hand sewn with beautiful pearl beads, and the other shiny silver - both absolutely gorgeous. Perfect transactions from a wonderful person.
    9. I had another wonderful transaction with Almostangel! She bought a red gown for her girl from me. She has great communication, and is a wonderful person to do business with!

      I highly reccomend her.
    10. I just had another wonderful transaction with almostangel! She was great at showing/ explaining to me about exactally what she wanted on the comission work I did for her. I could not ask for a better transaction!

      Its an absolute Pleasure making things for someone who loves my work so much. Thank you AlmostAngel!
    11. I've had many faceups, bought a couch and soon will be buying a doll from almostangel. As everyone's said, she's a dream to work with and a wonderful friend! Very talkative, and very kind. Listens to what you need and will work on the project until the customer is happy. Lots of love to this girl.
    12. I've bought from, traded with, and have done comission work for almostangel, and it has always been a great experience. Highly recommended!
    13. She did Maro's faceup, and I love it very much!
      Props to her! <33
    14. almostangel is the sweetest person on earth~! I would do another transaction with her in a heartbeat. She was also very understanding about my noobishness on several different subjects. She went out of her way to make sure the transaction ran smoothly. She's also a very talented artist you should commision her~! <3 Can't wait to see how you bring life to your new girls. *bounces*
    15. I recently sold a Modded T.Bee-A to Joy! She was a pleasure to do deals with! She made me feel really safe with the transaction and was kind enough to exchange numbers in order to keep eachother informed of what was going on! I highly suggest doing business with Joy!! A++++++ buyer!! <3