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That Feels When You Can't Get Your Doll...

Dec 4, 2016

    1. Me right now... :atremblin
      I am finally getting the chance to buy my first doll plus all the accessories, props and everything he'll need because they are on sale, but then my family decided to go on vacation! So I have to give up my doll money for the trip :...( But it's okay, since I definitely care for my family's happiness more than any doll ^^ although I do feel a teeny, tiny bit of regret xD (It was a HUGE sale, and it ends tomorrow!!)

      Anyway, I'm just curious of your experiences with not getting the doll you want. What caused it? An unexpected situation? Problems with the company? Or did you fell out of love with the sculpt? Please share your stories! :>
    2. For me it's sold-out limited editions. Either they're just not available, or the price is absurd.

      A Volks SD Suigintou for example I've seen between $4k and $10k, and I'm not able to justify spending that much unfortunately.

      Enjoy your holiday though -- experiences are worth more than material things :)
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    3. Aaaw yeah those moments suck :shudder

      For me it's like Leiothrix, everytime I see a doll I want, it's always the one that was available for an event 2 years ago XD Oooh the frustration.
    4. I know that!
      I nearly got all the money for my doll chateau doll but then I wanted to learn to play the violin, so I bought a violin instead.
      But I don't regret anything!
      Money isn't the best thing in the world!
      Experience is way better, expecially with your family or friends!
      And soon you'll have money for your doll again!
    5. I had a bunch of money saved up to get an Iplehouse doll with and I ended up having a minor car accident and having to spend ALL the savings on insurance and fixing my car. And it seems that every time I get the money to get a doll some other bill pops up and I lose all my savings again.
      Either this has been a savage year or I'm just not meant to own an Iplehouse doll *_*
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    6. Every time I've had this, I fall out of love with it right before I can't get it anymore. It's like something tells me I don't want it so I'm not disappointed when I can't! XD Seriously, I decide I don't want it and the next day I look and it's out of stock!
    7. I kinda get the feelings right now...I only have enough to afford 1 more doll for the whole 2017, and I am saving it for IOS Grell but then I was just checking back on SOOM last night and dang! York is released on a new Idealian 75 body...He's kinda my grail doll too...so I'm so sad that I have to choose between the two, and to make it worse, these two will be limited sales too...It's really killing me as if they're telling me mercilessly "hey, make up your mind now...me or him?" If i choose one, I must be willing to kiss the other one goodbye...take him or leave him....T_T
      #7 Elvenrose, Dec 4, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 4, 2016
    8. I spent three years saving money for my first doll, only to have to use it for an emergency, so I went a while without getting the doll I wanted. luckily the day came when I could order him and since then, with careful budgeting, I've been able to slowly add to my collection.
    9. I put my first doll on layaway, a Pathos Tale Luosheng (one of my grail dolls), but now that I am two payments in, another grail doll went on sale! I missed the first sales period for the Sio2 Ragdoll, and now that 2 more Ragdolls have become available, I have to pass them up due to the lack of doll funds :( Maybe she'll show up on the marketplace later. I feel a little sad now, but I'll just work harder in hopes of buying her later.
    10. Yes, recently in fact.

      I am selling a doll on layaway to a friend, and I was going to use the money to buy a 1/3 girl for myself. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I ended up needing to use most of the money for Christmas presents for others instead. I still had enough to buy myself a tiny, though!
    11. Sometimes I see a doll that looks amazing and that I'd like to own...only to discover that it was a limited or available for a time that has since been passed. I might search around for it a bit, but I don't obsess over it. I reason to myself that something equally good (if not better) will eventually come along that I'd like just as much or even more. :)
    12. I know that feeling! I thought I was going to easily have all the money I needed for my Nanuri 14's body saved up by Christmas, plus the ability to get Christmas presented... But I realized that wouldn't be the case. :( I had to halt my savings for her, but then I also ended up taking $140 out of the $200 savings to help my boyfriend pay rent... Then I had to do the same thing last week; I owed him $100 which I had set aside, but I had to take out another $60, so there went the entire savings. I haven't had the heart to update my little signature jar yet... :...(

      I know I won't be able to participate in the winter event or get her a body until well after Christmas and it makes me so sad. :(
    13. @Sandia ; a ;oh gosh, me too. I love the Ragdolls, and I just see them and their selling duration pass by me... I hope you can find them someday! Let's both work hard and save up, aha ^u^

      As for me, I guess I become hopelessly pining. I could just stare at pictures for so long and try to think about what it would be like to have that doll. I become way too enamoured with the doll, and with owner pictures. I'll try to pretend I'll have it someday, browse what I want to buy for it when I have it, to carry on. It's good and bad, because you do figure out what you want to accessorise the doll with if you ever buy it, but... you're still pining over it, and probably making things worse by continuing to entertain it so attentively.
      It's kind of ridiculous... but I think, if the doll would make you happy, and you're feeling frustrated because you don't have it... you should try to take care of yourself, and make yourself happy with other things, hobbies, life quality, experiences that are more accessible, saving up slowly if you can, and keeping a fund for the doll itself at maybe a reasonable percentage more than it would probably sell for (if it's a limited or desirable doll), that you don't touch unless you no longer want the doll, or are in an emergency. That way, you'll hopefully have the money and it's simply a matter of finding the doll, and arranging a layaway, or full payment.
      Dolls definitely make you happy, but there are many different ways to enjoy your time, so don't worry! Save up, have fun, and hopefully you'll have your doll, and not too many negativity because of the doll at all~ :3
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    14. Everything will eventually come up for sale somewhere on the secondary market. EVERYTHING... So, just be patient. Stash aside some money so you can buy without hesitation when the moment comes and bide your time. I know patience is hard, and that for something really exotic you might have to wait for years, but sooner or later it *will* come up. I've seen it happen many, many times.

      Think of yourself as a lioness, hiding in the tall grass at the edge of the Marketplace, just waiting for the right second to spot a sale and pounce. 'Silly visual, I know, but humor can make the waiting game more fun. :lol:
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    15. This is happening to be right now. There's a secondhand doll on sale on another site. A really cute doll from a company I don't see secondhand very often. The price is reasonable. The shipping won't be bad because the seller is my country.

      But I can't. You see I promise myself about two months ago that I would pay off my student loans before getting any new dolls. And in the long run it will save me money and I'll have more doll money in the future and all that. But still, I am a little sad about having to wait on it even though I know it's the right choice.
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    16. I finally got a job today. And while it would be tempting to finally save up enough to get doll bodies and get my boy's friends completed, I've already made some not so great spending decisions and should really pay my dad back for some things and save for other things. At least I can get art supplies. I'll just save up for the bodies super slowly.
    17. I completely get this, the Soom iMda 3.0 Maybelle is absolutely beautiful and I only really got into BJDs literally the DAY after she was sold out. Like I made this account the day after :,( I would have had enough money too, but I ended up having to give it up for a holiday like you.
    18. I applied for jobs after graduating this spring. There were only four vacancies near enough, I was invited for interview for three of them (out of approximately 30 applicants per vacancy) and I really, really wished that I would have gotten a job. I had decided to reward myself by ordering mnf Sircca if I was chosen, but the last place announced today that they had picked somebody else (and they were ridiculously highly educated and experienced, so no wonder) so no new doll for me. :...( I really can't afford anything right now without the job...

      I also wanted the summer event head - I know that there will be approximately a hundred of them in the Marketplace come autumn, but somehow people think that I want to pay $ 150 for a head that was free for them. As if.
    19. Ah, I feel you!

      I'd been trying to save up bit by bit for months, before going to a doll convention... and the night before the con, my computer died on me, so all my 'might get a doll from grail sculptor' money had to go into replacing the computer.

      One of these days, but oof... it did sting.
    20. There was an artist doll in a raffle last year... didn't win it... the person who did ALREADY had one on the way....


      I might still be a little salty about it ToT but I'm hoping to possibly get one if she opens up preorders again