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That moment when you first open the box

Nov 17, 2008

    1. Does this happen to anyone else? I got my Minifee Lishe on Friday and when I first opened the box and saw her face beneath the wrappings, I simply could not believe how gorgeous Asian BJD's are. I got the same feeling with my other two dolls also.

      It's a moment where it almost takes your breath away when you see their faces for the first time and realize that the pictures on the websites just do not do these dolls justice.

      There is something so life-like and real about them and seeing them in person right at that moment that is just such a thrill. I've been a collector of other types of dolls as well, and even though it was always exciting to open their boxes too, I just never had one of those "Wow, this doll is unbelievable!" moments like I do with BJD's

      Does anyone else have that same type of moment?
    2. It is very exciting to see them in person for the first time. I remember when I got my Kid Delf Ani--I opened his box and he was covered by the top pillow except for his big blue eyes staring up at me. It was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen.
    3. Ooh, that sounds so awesome! Now I can't wait to order one, haha! (So, nope, can't say I've ever felt that way.. yet. Haha.)
    4. Oh yes, it's really unreal.
      especially when you've been waiting 2 years to get one. >_>
    5. I had gastric pain when I saw my boy
      ... I know... I'm pathetic :lol:
      yeah.. he was so beautiful to me :D
    6. when my first a DOd shall came I tracked that number like it was a lost puppy:) I knew exactly where it was untill the day before it showed up they didnt update it once it hit customs:( that was friday. Saturday I had given up hope and figured it would come on monday... it came when I was in the shower on saturday..... lol I almost got out with soap still in my hair. lol when I got that box off and the pillow I was speachless, having only known about BJDs for 4 months I didnt know what to expect I was blown away... I got my bobobie elfkin a couple months later and couldnt beleive how freakin cute she was:)
    7. Some dolls have done that, and some have been more of an "Oh. Huh." reaction.

      My CH Sp. Prayer Choa and my PW Goldie both made me gasp just a little. They're just so lovely.

      CH Chowon came as a boy and had a LOT of work to be done -- had to get rid of the old boy body and replace it with a girl body, send the head off to be repainted, get the right wig, (still searcing for the right eyes), etc. So I wasn't amazed when I opened that box, because there was so much work to be done before Chowon was the doll I really wanted.

      For Domadoll Goni I didn't gasp, either. She just wasn't right for me! So I sold her a little while later.
    8. All the times I`ve opened a box of love (doll) has given me a rush... I love it.

      - First, what I remember was me awing over her beauty, and asking her what she was doing here... I felt so unworthy of having her. And the smell of resin! Gods its dangerously addictive. :XD:
      - Second, I was shaking so bad I couldnt take good pictures. Lots of moments of SQUEEE! Puki cuteness.
      - Third, It felt like I got a best friend home. <3 And amazed by his size!
      - Forth, a little disappointed, but her cuteness saved her. Perhaps more Yo-SD friends is what she needs...
      - Fifth, a new love begins. A poor guy lying in a fetus-position with the sweetest frown and purple eyes. A loopy body that cringed to my touches, and needed protection. Motherly feelings.
      - Sixth, I was just glad to have her home. Still a bit careful with her... But loves her puppy-face so much, and delicate long elf ears. <3333
      ... And number seven is coming tomorrow! :D
    9. I remember when i first open my dream of doll box - i carefully cut away the bubble wrap and then i saw his stunning face face through the face cap i was like SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!, and then I ran around the room and there was lots more of SQUEEEEEEEEING!!! and then i calmed down..........
      totally love my boy and id never part with him, he was totally worth it and I knew in my heart id made the right choice to bring him home the moment i saw him:aheartbea
    10. Yes, absolutely! ^_^ It's magic moment for sure and, I think, also a moment when you sudden realize that wao, they are actually real and not only a pretty picture on a company's web site or a lovely fantasy.

      I find it hard not getting all over emotional - especially when I got my most recent family member home who also were my very first SD girl. She was without doubt the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. <3

      I think we are a very fortunate bunch engaged in a hobby that brings us such wonderful moments of joy!
    11. It's incredibly magical, I love box openings. I'm not very good about posting the pictures a lot of the time, :lol:, but I love opening the box up and seeing my new doll in the resin!

      When I opened my SDC Kurt he was my second BJD to came home brandy-new and I just tingled as I opened the box and moved the cushions. *tingles*
    12. Absolutely! I always hold my breath when I open the box. I know, because the first thing I do after opening and seeing - is exhaling! :XD:
    13. I had sort of a ...victory glee feeling, seeing as she was one of the few things I really felt like I spent my own earnings on and went through the work to get all by myself (even if my earnings had been sitting in my savings for a long while). Though I don't think I said anything for a few minutes, and my first reaction after turning her over a few times was to immediately attempt to make her stand.
      Aidara, to some small degree, represents that little bit of my independence that mostly gets squashed (I blame it on the economy now) and a small milestone in doing my own thing.
    14. They always look so much more gorgeous in person than in pictures. When you get your first one it's amazing how gorgeous they are.
    15. I remember when I first got mine I was scared.

      I grew up being told horror stories of Japanese dolls with their hair that grows longer at night and I could never look at Chucky without feeling like my soul was going to fly away.

      It ended up that I had a phobia of dolls in general. I volunteered at one point at a local museum, but the museum had a collection of dolls on the second floor. I could never look at the them, and just walking past them made me lightheaded enough to nearly faint -that's how scared I was of dolls.

      When I saw dollfies for the first time it was through the computer. I thought they were beautiful enough to help me conquer my fear of dolls. So I asked for them for Xmas.

      An absolutely amazing friend of mine got me Too and Bee-A. I have to admit, I was scared SH*TLESS of Bee-A. Too scared me too, but not as bad.

      That night I zipped them up because I was too scared they were going to stare me down in my sleep. I ended up having a nightmare that they crawled out of their carrier bag, climbed up the side of my bed, and strangled me in my sleep.

      So... that was my moment when I very first opened a box to any dollfie.


      That was three years ago.

    16. I've definitely had this experience; It wasn't the same with my first BJD who was a tiny, with her I had to get her all unpackaged and everything and into good light before I was amazed.

      But when I got my Mei and Isabella in the mail, I opened the box and started unwrapping them and I just.. nearly cried they were so beautiful. And I had been hearing mixed things about them because both of them are a cheaper brand and all that just melted away when I got to see them. I was SO happy.
    17. I still find myself shaking with excitement as i open the boxes. I remember them so well i almost cry with joy at finally seeing them. I'm hesitant to even touch them, it feels completely unreal.

      But that dies a little bit, depends on how desperatly long i've been waiting for the doll.
    18. See watching your box opening made me smile so much.. made me remember mine :)

      Seriously I remember my first box opening like the back of my hand.. the horror discovering they tried delivering him that morning.. and then rushing to to post office that same day 15 mins before it closed! :O

      and then i tried waiting for my friend.. but i couldnt.. and I slowly opened him.. and kinda stared at him for a bit.. :D:D:D:D:love and then.. picked him up.. yeah.. then I had a big sleepover with two of my friends and we had a big dollie party.. it was great! ^^~
    19. Oh, haha.
      I almost died when my mom brought that box in. I had been listening for the truck that entire day, and it didn't help that my mom was with my brother at a doctor's appointment. When she got home, it was six o'clock, and I was uber depressed because I didn't have my girl yet. But alas, mother comes bearing gifts! XDD! well, I bought her, mom just let me borrow her credit card :P
      I fell to my knees and almost burst into tears, I was so happy :3
      and then I proceeded to open up the box, with my mom eagerly watching :3 I think she's grown rather attached to Mina, as she frequently holds her during the day xD