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That ONE tiny thing!

Jul 25, 2011

    1. First, please let me share my story and then I'd love to hear yours! Have you ever had your heart set on something and then when you got it... there was just this ONE thing...

      In my case it was Ami Ayase. I was SO in love with that doll. When I managed to get one from FDQ I was COMPLETELY over the moon! After the wait and everything I got her and pulled her out and her eyes were perfect and her face was perfect and... her lips were brown.

      I have, I admit, destroyed faceups before trying to 'fix' that ONE tiny thing. This time I left her for MONTHS, and admit I even considered selling her because I just couldn't get past that ONE TINY THING but was afraid to do anything about it.

      Well, today I did. I very VERY carefully got some Mr. Thinner and Q-tips and pieces of Mr. Sponge eraser (which, in conjunction with Mr. Thinner is the powerful faceup remover ever). I very very carefully removed the brown from the lips and just around the lips. I rinsed carefully with water and let dry. And then I took some pastels and re-did the lips in a soft pink. (will seal with MSC when my order comes in)

      Now it is LOVE!:aheartbea

      How can it be that this ONE TINY THING makes the difference between a doll I'd considered selling and one that brings joy to me every time I look at her?

      Now there's just this one more tiny thing... her cheeks are blushed awfully brown. Maybe in a few months of angsting I will try to fix those too. But for now I'm just so happy that ONE TINY THING went right and I'm gazing at my gorgeous girl, so very very happy I didn't end up selling her after all!!:aheartbea
    2. Oh I know how you feel. When I got my Saint I loved everything about him.... except his eyes. I had ordered an SA Saint and ended up getting a V2 SA Saint. He has a beautiful face up and everything it's just his eyes are to closed and it drives me nuts. I love him to death he's my fave boy and sometimes the way his eyes are give him that annoyed expression but at the same time it bugs me a little his eyes are so closed.
    3. All of my dolls have this one little thing, even though sometimes the problem is bigger (in most cases horrible bodies who don't want to do anything, not even sit). But I think my Afi has the tiniest problem of them all:

      My SOOM Afi has this open mouth with the tiny teeth inside, which let him look so...dumb when photographed at the wrong angle. I love him to bits, but these teeth are just driving me mad every time.
      I know some people LOVE dolls with teeth and open mouths, but for me it's just plain ugly and as soon as I wipe off his default face-up he won't get the teeth painted again >_<
      I always photoshop them out anway.
    4. This is why I modify. One tiny thing? Out come the faceup kit and sandpaper.
    5. Alright! 2 things for two different dolls. When i got Wolfgang (DOT Camine) I loved the build and his face structure.....BUT i hated his thin Drag-Queenlike eyebrows. They were so thin and feminine. His eyelashes and lips were great....but i like my boys pale so i wasnt a big fan of the face blushing. So i went for some supplies and brushes. I used some stuff (just name it whatever it is) and wiped off the blushing and eyebrows. Almost perfect.....and drew on some nice manly eyebrows. Stuck the eyes in and voila! Masculine Wolfgang! Then i decided to get Armada (DOT/DOI Code No. 2) and loved him.....but wasnt a big fan of the face blushing. Again i broke out my supplies and went to wipe off the blushing. After looking at my work i saw i had accidentally wiped off a good portion of lip and had to redo the blasted thing. So i continued to wipe off ALL the lip blushing and did a decent job of reblushing them. Not great but suffice. =D
    6. I'm feeling it right now... It isn't strong enough to make me want to get rid of my girl but it is enough to really irk me. I have already contacted the retailer I went through.
      My girl doll was given the 1/3 male legs. *hmph* I want the female legs so that she is double-jointed and so that her foot can move. The ankle part is so large that the ball part of the foot just sits in there. It is locked in and I don't like it.
    7. Most, but not all, of the dolls I've owned have had that one tiny thing that irked me with them. In a lot of cases, they were things I could fix easily, some not so easy. Like my Saint- he's the old body style which is notorious for the belly popping out, so eventually I added an epoxy sculpt piece in his torso to prevent that from happening and it's soooo much better now! Most cases, that one tiny thing isn't enough to make me want to sell a doll and if there's anything I've learned from being in this hobby so long is that once you fix one tiny thing, there will always be another to take it's place! XD
    8. I'm big on modification as well but sometimes there's just some things that can't be changed.

      My 'one tiny thing' is the forehead on my Elysium Jamie head. Like most companies, Elysium never gave a full profile shot of his head, and I took the chance on him since I couldn't find any owner photos. Now, his face is beautiful, but when I actually inspected his profile, it seems he has one of my biggest pet peeves ever-an extremely slanted back forehead. I prefer my dolls to have more of a 'round' shaped head, rather than oval, so this put me off of him quite a bit. Fortunately as his wig has pretty full bangs they cover the area pretty well, though it still bothers me on occasion.
    9. It is always one tiny thing that can put you off a doll. Its either something small like the lip colour or a bump on the nose that can be tweaked, but sometimes its not until you have the doll in your hands you realise this.
      I remember a doll came into our house that was beautiful it seemed from every angle in the company photos, but when it arrived it had a massive forehead, it bulged! Something like that can put you off, wait for another similar sculpt.
    10. I have two tiny things about my Souldoll Lily.C ^^
      The first is... When I saw her reflection in a mirror for the first time, I was shocked. Her face is REALLY uneven; her nose is twisted to one side and her right eye is bigger than the right. I hadn't realized that at all before. Now I'm used to it though, and don't mind; and it explains why positioning her eyes is so difficult.
      And then, her feet. I don't like them at all. Not only are they very difficult to divide the balance evenly on, they're really narrow too. I like wide feet, and hers look just bony expect that the bones don't show, and that was a thing I hadn't realized from the company pictures, so I was really surprised ^^;
    11. My PW Viyol was my doll with that one tiny thing - I loved everything about the doll, including her face-up, but she was a very old doll when she came to me and so she had, over time, gotten quite mucky and I didn't really like her eyebrows. I ended up selling her but recently bought her back so I rolled up my sleeves and decided to try my hand at face-upping her myself! I tried to replicate the one she had previously as closely as possible and I'm very happy with the result, even though it's amateur. I love her so much more now and it makes me so happy to know that the face-up I love is one I did myself ^_^ (Even if it's a really bad noob job :lol:)
    12. I'm in love/hate with my Dollzone Annie nose. Sometimes it's a cute button other times I think it's too round. :lol:
    13. So far I haven't had any problems with my dolls. They've all seemed perfect once opening them. Though my Soom Ai does have this one quality that bugs me a bit: the shape of her head is so very strange when I take her wig off. Granted I don't take her wig off much, only to fiddle with her eyes, but when I do, my eyes go wide at just how huge her forehead is. She has bangs as well, so that helps to cover how huge it is, as well as the egg-shape of the top of her head. I love her to bits though.

      I think these problems arrive mainly because we have such a concrete example in our head of what our characters should look like. One tiny thing just throws it all off, and it's hard to tweak something that you've worked so hard to create in your mind. We're a bit stubborn as dollie owners, and we just want our characters to turn out perfectly. X3
    14. I recently got an RS Li. When I bought her used, I KNEW about the fact the old RS double-jointed bodies couldn't sit. I just figured I'd deal with it because I wanted to give this girl a new home and she was a very good price. Unfortunately, she got here and I just couldn't stand it in real-life. Thinking about it was different than actually trying to deal with the fact that she could only lay down or stand. So, I went to the hardware store for sandpaper and a mask, rolled up my sleeves, and modded her hip joint. Now she can sit and, for some reason, that has just made her perfect and made me glad to own her. I can't wait till she's complete! XD
    15. Yes! I sold my DragonDoll Uncle because his feet were flat, not sculpted on the bottom. That and I though his face was just ugly and smashed looking in real life.

      As for dolls I didn't sell due to little things, there is Maddy, my RS Lu. I loved her sculpt. Hated the default faceup. It was just so plain and grey and not at all detailed. It took me a year to finally get the courage to wipe it. I was just so scared I couldn't do a faceup that tiny or with teeth showing. That helped. a LOT. But her ears still bugged me. She's supposed to be human and I got her because her face was pretty but I never liked her ears. I finally got the courage to send her off for modding. With factory faceup and those ears, I had thought about selling her. Now I love her too much to even consider it!

      I also had issues with Loki's hands. He's a DZ Mo-B head on a Doll Leaves body and the DL hands disgusted me! First off, they are so thin and girly. Loki is anything but girly. but the space between the thumb and pointer finger has no webbing and it looked severely deformed to me. I hated it! So...I bought him AoD hands and now he's perfect. lol
    16. Mine had this ultra-flashy-long eyelashes...I died when I saw them, but after a while I cut them shorter and then I finally saw he's eyecolor...:doh stupid eyelashes.
    17. I have a bad case of this right now. I got an OT Impldoll guy who is a gorgeous sea creature but... he has a human.. bit. You know, wang. XD It just looks so wrong with the rest of his body but I can't sand it off as whenever I mention it the hubby gets all defensive of him and is like O_O "Don't do that to him!!! That bit is important to us guys!"

      I just though he should have claspers or pelvic fins instead. XD AGH! It still bugs me!
    18. I have this weird problem with not one but TWO of my dolls- the middle toe is longer than the big toe. It's a teeny tiny thing, but God it just irks me! On one of my dolls it's OK because he's scarcely ever barefoot so I don't have to see it, but the other is always barefoot! I've gotten used to it now but I still can't dwell on it too much because it frustrates me. It's weird because on humans I don't really care, but on dolls... gah!
      Another thing about one of my dolls was his hands. He's a JDF and JDF hands are like scaled-down versions of SDF hands. Now, SDF hands are gorgeous, because their size can take the detail. But JDF hands, being smaller, just look damn weird. The fingers look like jointed sausages. So I swapped out his hands for some Dollmore ones a friend kindly gave me, and voila! Now they're perfect ^^
    19. This made me LOL bigtime!

      My BBB Isabella is beautiful, but she seems to have some trouble looking straight ahead! Her little head keeps looking to the side or down. I'm going to see if she loosens up, otherwise I may have to restring or suede her...
    20. You can get KIPS from the volksusa store. I keep a couple of packages of these on hand and whenever a doll comes in and has that problem, I pop one on and all is well. I'd say a single KIPS works about 90% of the time (when the problem isn't SERIOUSLY loose or tight strings).