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That one turn-off

Aug 2, 2012

    1. Hey

      I have looked around at many dolls, thinking about what doll I might want to get next and I find that often there is one or two things that makes me discard any specific doll. I was wondering what is your thing that will make you not want to buy a doll no matter how perfect it might be otherwise.

      Just to be clear, I am not trying to diss anyone's taste, even though there are dolls that I do not like, I can appreciate that others might outright adore them, it's all cool I just want to hear about people's tastes.

      This is my greatest turn off :

      Too big boobs, I don't like it when the breasts are so big that they are squeezed together and looks like they are stuffed with silicone, I like it when the dolls looks good with and without clothes.
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    2. Enormous thighs! Not on dolls that are designedto have enormous thighs, but an otherwise porportioned doll with oversized thighs. I love my Luna Tamer very much but her big muscular thighs were a real surprize in the (resin) "flesh".
    3. I haven't noticed any dolls with giant tights, I am intrigued, do you have any pictures of her ?
    4. White skin. 8| I just.. I don't know. I can't have dolls that are in white skin. They just look so... flat? Lifeless? I don't know... something like that. Or if they have those 'baby-fat' kind of cheeks? I also prefer smaller heads. I can't stand heads that are way too large compared to the doll's shoulder width. XD;; Okay perhaps I have a few things that really turn me off (I really could go on to list a whole lot more) but I'll leave it as those three XD;;
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    5. Personally I think the white dolls are worse off without blushing then the dolls of other colours, but I still really want an excuse to get one. Though I tend to like more natural sized heads wich is why I had problems choosing between 1/4 and 1/3 scale, I ended up getting into the 1/4 scale anyway, I like the size better and it fits with my BJD friends' dolls, the stylized body proportions doesn't really bother me.
    6. This might be a bit weird... but dolls with an obvious, distinct expression that I don't like. Some expressions I do like (like Bellosse, I should be annoyed with her, but I'm not) but most I get soo sick of looking at (for example Mikhaila, I am so sick of seeing that pouty face xD).
      I need dolls with neutral expressions so I don't get bored or annoyed with them. This might have something to do with them being popular dolls you see everywhere (again, like Mikhaila).

      Also, dolls that are showing teeth (not fangs). I can't stand dolls with teeth.
      There are of course always exception, like Iplehouse Freezia. Her I like, but so far she is the only doll with teeth that I like.
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    7. Let's see:
      - Arms that are too short. I can forgive the long legs, and the occasional long arms, but it's a no-deal when the wrist doesn't even reach the crotch level.
      - Too wide-set eyes. There's a point when it's too much. Also, when the eyewell doesn't face forward enough that placing the eyes full front makes them look cross-eyed instead.
      - Ugly hip contour. I don't even know how to describe it. Some hips just put me off...

      There. I think I have a few more turn-offs but those three are the sort of non-negotiables.
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    8. :'( I dislike that "HUGE HIP" dolls have really child-like pouty faces. The only reason I didn't buy the Leekworld Art Doll was because her face was too pouty (and I LIKE pouty, my first doll was a Littlefee Bisou!)

      Since I fell in love with the HUGE hip style, I've looked everywhere for a mature face to fit the body. T^T But nothing, I haven't found nothings T n T

      I also dislike vampire dolls, actually because it's so sad! I'm a BIG Vampire novel reader and the idea of having a doll who is a vampire is sort of emotional for me. I have no idea why. xD

      My last big turn-off is unrealistic breasts. I don't mean big breasts or very tiny breasts, but...when you see a doll whose bussoms look...I dunno...squished. I just...I kinda cringe. Which is funny, coz..I'm a guy! And I just bet that having squished breasts hurts. xD;;;
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    9. That's pretty much what I mean with big breasts, when they are so big that they are squeezed together and get a cleavage, it looks really weird when they are naked, with a few exceptions women can't have a cleavage without wearing a bra, I can understand that the big cleavage can appeal to people that want their characters to wear corsets and such, but squeezed boobs does nothing for me.

      And cool on you for being a guy that dares to embrace a "feminine hobby"
    10. :3 Daw, thanks. I guess I didn't understand coz...yeah. I'm.. a guy. XD

      I've actually been into the toy hobby for years! It was natural to get into BJDs, actually. But then again, I do like cute things. Just ask my wife!

      Didn't mean to derail the topic. I suppose I should mention another pet peeve of mine....

      Littlefee Clothes. I collect mainly Littlefee sized dolls and I can't tell you how much I LOVE it when I find MATURE BOY'S CLOTHES, especially hand-made items. Seems like I have to special-order/commission boy's clothes :B When I do find Boy's Style Clothes for yoSDs, I kinda do this dance. No, I.. I actually get out of my chair and dance. XD Sooo elusive!!
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    11. Eeee, this. There are occasionally cases where I like or at least don't mind the teeth, but for the most part it bugs me to see them. Do not want.

      Expressions are a big one for me as well, but mostly frowns. Again, there are the occasional exceptions, but for the most part, I find any sculpted frown/scowl/pout very off-putting.

      Luckily, teeth and frowns can often be hidden or at least de-emphasized by a good face-up, so it's not always enough for me to pass over a doll I love otherwise.
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    12. I also don't like the fake breast look. Like an orb cut in half and then glued to the chest... brr
      And ribs, I don't like it when the body is all buff but you can still count every single rib.
      Also I have problems with mouths. Many are too pouty or kissy for my taste.

      @cheesedemon88: Just look up some Iplehouse E.I.D. My hands aren't that small but I can't grab around them. It's not like they're out of place on that body, though. ^^
    13. Open mouths on dolls. Dolls with teeth (actual teeth, not fangs). Dolls that look perpetually sad. Twig arms/legs or very over-emphasized body proportions (huge hips with no chest, chests that look like they could be personal flotation devices, bobble-heads etc). Chubby baby looking body types (even in YOSD/tiny sizes).

      Guess I'm kinda picky.
    14. My biggest turn off is weirdly proportioned noses. Where they're too small or too big or even if the ridges are sharp on an otherwise soft faced doll. It really bothers me a lot. Also Chins that are too thin. My Ivan is really pushing it on that one, so much I'm considering modding him to give him a manlier jaw line.

      And since we're on the subject, really pointy boobs bother me. Especially when they have that dip above the breast where the flat part ends and the boob begins. It looks like they were put on as an afterthought like that haha
    15. I think my one big turn-off in the hobby are female bodies.
      I rarely (!) find bodies that appeal to me, some of them just look too weird to actually own them. Sometimes it's the shape of the breast like mentioned above, but most of the time I think the torso looks off.
      I really like heads from some companies but wouldn't buy the body "belonging" to it.
      For example I've got a Soom Super Gem head on the way and already own fantasy legs, but I would never buy the female Super Gem body because the torso just looks streched and too long to me. :(
      Maybe the same applies to male bodies as well, because I think on getting the same body for all the floating heads I will get...maybe I'm just weird.
    16. I have a list. lol

      -tiny hands. SO GROSS. I've said it before, but it makes me think of that old Burger King commercial where the guy had ridiculously tiny hands. -shudder- And sausage fingers on tiny hands. Especially when the fat little fingers end in pointy nails.
      -teeny tiny boobs on adult dolls. naturally flat chested isn't so bad, but when they're marble sized with big gap between them, I hate it. (Doll Chateau for example. I LOVE the boys and the faces are nice, but the boobs bother me)
      -the pear shaped trend. If the hips are just a little bigger, like ResinSoul, for example, okay. But exaggerated hips and tiny bust are a huge turn off to me. I prefer hourglass.
      -fangs that just look "stuck on". Fangs are fine. Fangs that visibly dig into the lip (like Dikadoll Ruber) are fine. But fangs just resting on the lip with no indention at all bother me. I've had fangs. I used to wear fangs regularly (until Twilight came out...). They rest inside the mouth or pressing into the lip when the mouth is closed. they do not sit lightly on top of the lip unless you have a very snaggletoothed/bucktoothed vampire. lol
      -childish heads on adult bodies. I can think of at least one doll (no, it's not Mikhaila, in case you were wondering) that has a head that looks 6-8 to me, but a very mature adult body. It disturbs me. It would be equally disturbing to see, say, an Iplehouse EiD head on a body sculpted like Littlefee. (disregarding the size difference, of course!)

      I am ridiculously picky and judgmental when it comes to picking dolls. I have a list of things I won't just settle on. Doesn't mean I have anything against anybody who feels otherwise or owns dolls with these features. I just simply do not want them.

      As to the teeth thing, I usually don't like toothy sculpts either. But if it is very well done or just a hint of teeth, I like it. I've just seen too many bad toothy mods and fake smiles. But I DO have a few toothy sculpts of my own. I love my DiM Robel's teeth because it is sculpted so naturally that a faceup can give the illusion of slightly parted lips, not huge fake smile. I love BlueBlood Doll Draven because the shape of his mouth makes it very easy to add teeth by faceup only, or leave them off and give the illusion that he's about to speak.

      Ok, I'll stop griping now. LOL
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    17. Hands that are too small, twig arms with like.... absolutely no muscle definition, and too thin bodies.
    18. I have been put off by faceups. I almost didn't buy Lilith because I hated the way she was displayed in the photos. Fortunately there were pictures of the bare head. There are a lot of others that I think I might like, but I can't find pictures of clean/wigless heads so I don't want to take the chance.
    19. THIS! I've had quite the time looking for an MSD boy head....
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    20. A few of the things that'll make me pass on a doll have already been mentioned... Very child-like female headsculpts on boob-a-palooza mature bodies, and heads that are too small for the thick necks they're perched up on top of are the major ones. I also don't like that "ribs and a ten-pack" thing that's so common on male bodies these days... Although that's less likely to make me completely reject a doll since I tend to keep mine clothed, and it's less obvious than a tiny little pin-head stuck on a tree trunk neck.