Limited Items The 24 Solar Terms: XiaZhi

Jul 11, 2017

    1. Hi Everyone
      Check this new release with limited items.
      XiaZhi has a unique characteristics and personality.
      Hurry and adopt her now here Xiazhi


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    2. I'm curious about the body shown on the page - it looks like, and says that it is a "Luts Delf Girl Body by AS". And, it looks like the small-bust (type I) body too.

      Is Angell Studio now producing the original Luts Delf girl bodies? If so, is it doing so in the AS resin skin colour variations?

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    3. The body Xiashi has in her dressed photos is A-S's own 1/3 girl body (most apparent when you look at the knees), as are her measurements, so she seems to come on a normal Angell Studio body. The additional photo of the nude, blushed Delf Girl body is confusing...maybe it's there to demonstrate the style of body blushing available? Why they wouldn't demonstrate it on an A-S body is beyond me though :p
    4. Yes, I was aware that the rest of the photos show her on an AS body - those knees are pretty obvious, and so are the hands, etc.
      I just find this confusing, but I what you're saying about the blushing example makes sense.
      I'd just like to get the official word from the above rep/dealer, if possible.
    5. I love her! Beautiful! Will you show the nude body?
    6. Hello :)

      Yes this doll is being produced by the AS and it seems like Luts Delf girl body, but it actually came from AS. Also yes this comes in different skin variation.... 【Limited】The 24 Solar Terms: XiaZhi | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop

      Thank you very much....
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      Thank you for your question.
      By the way yes, the nude Body of the said doll is only for us to see the body blushing of the doll.
      You can choose option either you want this with the body blushing or not.

      Thank you very much.
      Have a nice day^^


      Thank you for your recent comments and inquiries.
      Yes, this Doll is made by the AS and it comes with different skin variation, depends on what skin color you want. Also, this doll is a limited item only and you can choose either you want this doll with the body blushing or not....
      Please refer the Link below;
      【Limited】The 24 Solar Terms: XiaZhi | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop

      Thank you very much...
      Have a nice day^^
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