Event The 7th Project_Doll - After_Story Event

Aug 5, 2017

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      Hello. I`m a manager of Project_Doll

      Thank you for coming to our doll free market event held in Hotel_Riviera(Seoul, South Korea) on Sunday.

      As I informed before,
      Afterward lottery event, there are many presents which were not taken by winners,

      So here we are planning to proceed After_story of Project_Doll event.

      Anyone who has visited our event can write down after_story on your blog, twitter, face book, etc
      and please let us know the address of the contents

      After check your after_story of our event,
      We will do lottery process and distribute the remaining gifts.

      < How to participate in After_story event >

      1. Please come to our blog
      Project Doll : ???̹? ???α?

      2. Please make a NAVER ID

      3. Please add the comment on this blog page about the address you have posted After_story
      and the Gift number you want to have.

      << Remaining Presents Inform >>


      Number 1. Dollsian - IAN 17 EVAn (One Body + Clothes set and Full make up)



      Number 2. 64B - 'Saler BomBom' 1 Piece (Random Color)



      Number 3. Freedom Teller

      Color me White (Double-Breast)

      Jacket + Pants Set (Boy SD17 Size)



      Number 4. Bliss B

      Berd Onepiece USD Size Yellow

      B???ۼ? : ???̹? ???α?

      ※ the 8th Project_Doll to be held at Sejong University on November 11.
      Please contact us via below e-mail address if you have any questions
      [email protected]
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