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The all around anthro wishlist (Discuss your anthro wishes here)

Jan 29, 2010

    1. In the spirit of encouraging community discussion the existing wishlist threads will be closed and anthros will have one central wishlist thread.

      Discussion of off-topic anthro dolls or posts advertising off-topic anthro dolls will be deleted. If you are a bjd-artist please do not use this thread for unofficial advertisement of dolls you are developing. (Sharing fanart sketches in the spirit of discussion is allowed)

      New anthro releases should be posted in the Suggestion Box Sticky so they can be sent for mod consideration

      When your anthro wishes come true please feel free to start a new discussion thread if it does not already exist.
    2. In the spirit of starting discussion my anthro wishes are someone releases a cute dragon. The oc character my avatar doll is based on has a green dragon with pinkish fin ears as a pet.

      An anthro would be perfect as the pet is more like a chibi humanoid dragon that walks on two feet and has tiny wings.

      How about you what are you wishing for and why?
    3. I wouldn't mind a newt/salamander. It could look like a cross between the Geico gecko and Wanda Wonder Frog
    4. I wouldn't mind a chibi dragon too ^^ But top of my anthro wishlist would be a Zuzu-sized brown bear.
    5. I'd really like a cute (not scary) kappa. >_> Even a turtle that I could modify into a kappa. xD

      EDIT: I forgot to mention the 'why'. >_>

      One of the two "groups" of dolls I'm collecting is based around Asian mythology/folklore/supernatural creatures. I'll have kitsune (fox people), dragons, tengu (bird-people), and so forth. So I'd really love to have a little army of annoying kappa to do a bit of ankle-biting. xD Unlike all my other dolls, I doubt they'd ever become characters with names - but sort of graduated props for photoshoots. xD

      It's to the point that I'd brought out the Sculpy and mixed colors to make figurines. Haven't worked on it yet, though. It's just ready waiting for me to take the plunge.
    6. I am SOO pleased to see people who actually know what a Chinese Crested is AND people that like Bull Terriers! And I would seriously buy both if they should ever be casted in resin! I would want a brindle and white or tri bully and a silver or black crested. Patty-Pan your sketch up of the bully is too sweet. Please market it because I want me a bully!

      Although how would you do the crest of the crested? Fur wig?
    7. Yay, another bully lover! I suppose you would have to do a fur wig to do a Chinese Crested. But real fluff would be so much cuter than sculpted! :D

      I'll post my sketch again in this new thread too ^^ If nobody minds. I want a bully doll! :D
    8. I would want both a naughty and sweet head naturally.

      The Crested paws and tails could be sculpted like the dolls that have the horse legs {can't think of any at the moment}.
    9. My anthro wishlist consists only of a tiny rabbit bjd. :)
    10. A bully doll me too!!!!
    11. Chanajanaki, do you mean with sculpted fur like Bygg and Beyla and the like have on their feet? I think that would be cute ^^
    12. OMG! I'm a cat-person... but I'm in love with that doggie now! :D
    13. I was also thinking maybe a parrot. Any variety...I'm not picky. Would be interesting to see how that would translate.

      Patty-Pan...exactly like that.
    14. I want a bat too!

      BESIDES that, are there any Shiba Inu's? I have two IRL, and would love an anthro one!:aheartbea
    15. MplsGirl, besides the tail, I think the Zuzu wolfy would make a good shiba! :D
    16. An opposum! And a dog that looks like a dog. Not a cat. Such as patty-pan's drawing of the pit anthro (which is adorable btw. I want to call him Bruce)

      I did draw a gecko anthro, maybe I'll take pictures of him and post them.
    17. I really want a bat. Anthros are not generally my cup of tea, but I would be so into a little bat! I would also like a dragon. I often find myself wishing for more creepy-crawly type anthros--newts, frogs, bugs, that sort of thing.

    18. OH NO NO NO! That is not a Pit Bull. It is a Bull Terrier. Entirly different breed. Both great dogs! :)
    19. The drawing of the bull terrier anthro is extremely cute! I'd love to see that in 3d :)
    20. Well I know one day I realllyy want a Soom MD XD Other than that... I think a griffin would be cool. I know someone on a soom hybrid thread put a chrom ankle on top of a Euclase claw and commented on how much it looked like a griffin xDDD
      Seems like a cool idea to me!!