the annabelle affect

Nov 7, 2017

    1. so i wasnt sure if i was even going to ask this and i didnt know what to call it so i figured that the annabelle affect would be best.

      has anyone seen their dolls like change expression? i mean it sounds strange but my oldest bjd does this the most. for five years she always looked like she was glaring and it didnt matter how her eyes were placed. then i got sebastian and suddenly she stop glaring so much. though if i keep her away from sebastian she starts looking angry again and yes i have changed her face up. i told my mom about it and she was like “no its just yur imagination” then i showed her. she was like “woah she does change her expressions!”

      so does anyone else experiance this?
    2. I've had my dolls change expression due to the usual factors-- the angle they're viewed from, eye placement, hairstyle around their face, faceup, etc. I've never noticed that kind of contextual expression change, though. Sounds interesting. Can you capture it in a photo?
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    3. I've had this from other dolls, especially one rag doll. However aside from one instance where a BJD made eye contact with me, I haven't noticed anything.
    4. lol, it's just your brain switching perceptions. Like gestalt.
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    5. I think two of my dolls has this same problem, haha. Though it's quite different in their case. My Venitu stands perfectly; he is nicely sueded, and I make sure his elastic is well strung. I recently got a Fairyland Sylvia. She's a beautiful doll, and stands like a rock straight from the box. I decided to place her next to Venitu and suddenly his hand moved to 'hold' hers. I figured it must've been me accidentally hitting him when I placed her there. She stayed there for a while then I moved her to my desk. Woke up one morning to both of them face-first on the carpet after falling. Scared the heck out of me, haha. Luckily they weren't damaged. None of my other dolls fell. Not even the one standing side by side with Venitu. I decided to name them my Bonnie & Clyde. xx
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    6. so these are the few pictures i could find.

      the first pic is when i first got her. the second pic is of when i first got sebastian home. the third is her and sebastian a few weeks ago id been working on sebastian for a doll meet andtheyd been a part. the last pic is of her just this morning.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      i wish i had other photos to show her glaring but i dont. idk maybe im just crazy and its all in my head.
    7. She looks rather pleasant and happy in the pics to me? But perception is everything.
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    8. Yes! I have dolls that look happy when I put them with certain other dolls and then longing when I separate eventually I just give up and let them be together. :sweat
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    9. I've had this happen with other dolls. :) I had one that I was considering selling, but put her with two others in a different gown and suddenly she worked! Apparently she wanted to be a pretty pretty princess! I'd say don't worry about capturing it in a photo, it's probably similar to how we each perceive and are drawn to specific dolls rather than other ones. :) Which is how we end up with them in the first place! Have fun!
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    10. In a way, I have. Ian's generally very chill and calm and lowkey with me, but when I first got him and he didn't have his correct eyes and wig he seemed so... Not necessarily angry, but disgruntled, at least? But once I got his correct wig and eyes in place, he seemed so much calmer, to the point that he has a bit of a calming effect on me. Maybe it's just my perception of him, or maybe it's just that the wig and eyes he came with doesn't work for him, but honestly I don't mind.
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    11. I have seen my dolls seem to change expression, but I think it's not the dolls themselves at all, but the angles they're viewed from, perception and even projecting emotion onto them. Logically, we know they're just pieces of resin with no feelings or life, but the characters we create for them can be very life-like. Even if you don't give your dolls in depth characters, I think because they look like little people, we subconsciously project feeling and emotions onto them. Sometimes that can result in tricking our brains into seeing what isn't really there.
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    12. Some sculpts are just very, very expressive and changeable depending on lighting and how you shoot them tbh. I've had it happen a lot, here, both these shots are the same doll: Not happy, Happy. See what I mean? Perception is affected easily when you set a scene.
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    13. Did her face up change her face up around the time you got Sebastian? It could be the lighting or looking at her from certain angles. She looks happy with Sebastian! Maybe they're really good friends! :)
    14. shes had the same face up till about three months ago. when i gave her a new face up it seemed to help “brighten her spirits” but its hard to get good pics of her glaring any more, which is great, but now i just feel like shes being a bit vindictive and making me look crazy when i tell people her expressions change.

      but even with lighting, perspectives, etc she would still seem as if she were glaring. gosh i really just need to look for some older photos.
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    15. Lots of people very love their dolls. This love is so strong that these people start to animate dolls. Imagination has no limit, because sometimes we start to think that dolls are more alive. (It`s normal because even as children we believe in fairy tales). Dolls change their faces, part or full imagine and thoughts because our consciousness allows it. Many usual things are only at our hearts. After all the life and all events...
      Because yes, I believe in. It is may be.
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    16. Sometimes it really has to do with the eyes. Some eyes are "tracker eyes", which follow you in every direction because of how the dome/iris/pupil are set up in specific eyes. So a doll can look like they're glaring from one angle and then look peaceful from another. It looks like your girl has a case of tracker eyes. :)
    17. By the way I forgot to say. Sometimes these effects are reason of lightning changes. Some things happen on the photo: settings of photoexposure, availability and use of additional light sources can absolutely change photography.
    18. This is a very interesting topic. I feel like my dolls take on so many different personalities and looks based on the surroundings. I'm sure I'm projecting on them but they are just so life like and so animated.
    19. I have one doll head that went from a neutral, closed mouth expression to a side smirk with teeth showing...using miliput :sweat
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    20. I think my Daigo is a little Annabelle too XD
      On the left picture he looks so much sweeter and his eyes are more opened, on the right picture he is :whee:
      [​IMG]Comparsion, auf Flickr
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