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The Best Conventions

Jan 17, 2017

    1. I have only been to 2 conventions for dolls in my life. One not BJDs and MDCC this past October because I was lucky enough to live in Louisville, KY where it was held. I am curious and want to attend more conventions but don't really know which are the best so....to those of you who are BJD conventioneers...what are your fav events and why? harleyfae
    2. BJDC in Austin Texas. yes, the memberships are pricey, but it's run very well, there are workshops by top artists in the hobby, and the sales floor has everything you could want for your dolls.

      (I would love to go once more, but I don't think I could get the husband to take me again.
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    3. How much does it cost to get in? I went to their site but I can't find any prices listed.
      Also, is BJDC like usual conventions where items and such being sold there are a bit pricey? It sounds like a lovely event, but it's best to be know what you're financially up against, haha.
    4. The US Dollism was the best I've been to, whether or not the US will get another one? Nobody knows. When Volks has a US event, I always try to go, but they are Volks doll and product specific. I've heard good things about BJDC in Austin, Resin Rose in Portland, and Doll North in Toronto but I haven't been.

      The other best would be Dollism events in Tokyo or Hong Kong, also Doll Show in Tokyo and LDoll in France.

      There are a few much smaller events around the US, and sometimes events and panels at many anime-cons.
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    5. Thanks for the input. I found the MDCC to be reasonable and there were several BJD artists there. I do want to try the Texas one. Have to start saving now.
    6. Doll North in Toronto, was a lot of fun, amazing staff who ran it and there was a lot to do! Going again this year! 10/10 would recommend! :)
    7. STL BJDcon! It's the only BJD convention I've been to, and it is small, but the next one is in March, in St. Louis, and it's only $25 for the whole day (+$25 for the Friday night banquet which is optional, +around $10 each for any workshop you choose to attend). Definitely worth it, IMO. I drove 5 hours just to go, and I plan to again. Everyone was very nice and it was a lot of fun.
    8. I would love if there was one on the East Coast. I just found out that Volks sells at NY Comic Con...right after I stopped attending.
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    9. I've been to San Diego BJD Con twice, Resin Rose BJD Expo (Portland OR) once and PNW BJD Expo (WA) once. I plan to attend both Resin Rose and PNW again this year if I have the funds and time. :3nodding: I think the one I would recommend most is PNW. Honestly I loved all of these cons, and they all had pros and cons (lol). PNW had several big BJD companies attend - including Peak's Woods, Crobi, and Spiritdoll, so that was really cool. Crobi and Spirit had panels and meet & greets, and all the companies had vendor booths (I got my PW Dandy boy there :love). PNW also had the most panels and seemed the most well organized/established. Very professional, but lacked a little in the social aspect. There weren't too many good places to sit and meet/talk to people and there weren't teas or dinners as there are at some cons. Lastly the location was amazing - it was at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, a really beautiful resort on Puget Sound.
      Resin Rose was really nice as it had an opening dinner included, and a lot of tables and areas to sit and socialize and display everyone's dolls. It was quite a big con, I'm not quite sure whether it or PNW were bigger in terms of attendees, but they were both bigger than SD BJD Con I think. Resin Rose felt a bit more personal, and it had a TON of vendors which was amazing. There were also several nice panels such as a make-and-take wig workshop, and a panel on how to get the most out of phone photography.
      SD BJD Con was amazing the first time I went. It was my first con and, like the others, was a two-day affair held at a hotel. I met a lot of really cool people, some of whom I still communicate with often. It had a fair amount of vendors but was the smallest in area compared to the other cons - only one room, but big enough for a vendor area and small panel area. There was a nice little tea party the second day and a huge raffle which everyone attending was automatically entered into. There were tons of items including new and used dolls, clothes, etc., etc. It was nice to have such a large raffle, allowing a lot of people to win something.
      This year SD BJD Con downsized considerably. I don't really know why. It was only one day long this year and was held at a cute seaside convention center rather than a hotel. Still fun, with great dioramas and doll costumes. The vendor area was pretty small and there were actually no panels unfortunately. Again, I don't know the reason for this, but it was a little disappointing for me. I really enjoy panels. The raffle was also a lot smaller.
      I would recommend any of these if you're in the area. As you can see their schedules and also their prices fluctuate year to year but I've always had a good time at them.