The best purchase you've ever made?

Feb 18, 2019

    1. So, my question for you is the title. Regarding this hobby, what do you consider the best purchase you've ever made?

      For me it has to be the clothes that finally feel like what I've always imagined my doll to wear. I've bought cheap stuff just so their not naked, and I've bought clothes that seem like something they would wear but really only settled on it because my price range was so small.
      But finally, FINALLY I have had room in the budget to go all out on a nice outfit that I can finally say "Yeah! YES! This is EXACTLY what so-and-so would wear!" and not have to worry once about the price! It really makes a doll feel complete and finished even if there's a blank face looking back at you XD
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    2. Ah, there are too many blank dolls here. But having the right wig and right eyes makes a huge difference for me.
      I don't think I would have kept my Soom Noellia if I didn't get her default wig in the mail after I got her. And buying her Oscardoll eyes was definitely worth the price.:)

      All my dolls are tinies, so finding them good wigs is a pain. :|
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    3. Hmm... I'd say mine was my feeple60 girl. This doll has done so much for me in terms of figuring out my tastes in dolls. I like 1/3, anything smaller just does not make me nearly as happy. I'm having a big doll clear out because of it, my collection with be small but all of them will bring joy instead of the awful revolving door of happy buying then stressed out selling.
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    4. The best purchase I've ever made must be Vincent, my CP EL who was my first ever BJD. I purchased him back in 2005 and thanks to him I totally fell in love with this wonderful hobby^^
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    5. Oh I love this question! Hmm, I think the best purchase I have ever made would actually be tied three ways:

      1) My Volks F10 head in whiteskin (avatar girl), she is a rare head anyway, I had never seen her in white skin before, and she had her original box, paperwork and was barely yellowed. And she was really well priced for what she was, less than a 5th of what I paid for some other oldskin heads
      2) My Volks tan Coco/F60. She has really re-ignited my love of sewing, and I find her just so pleasing to be around.
      3) My F-10's Yatabazah wig. Insanely pricey, but so so worth it, it is perfectly retro, and a lot of fun to style. I think I love the wig almost as much as the doll!
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    6. YES! Every tiny ever sold needs to come with a warning note and a klaxxon sound when you buy them letting you know you will have an easier time pulling teeth than finding a suitable wig!
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    7. My best purchase has to be my two custom sculpts from namonaki workshop. Yeah, that’s two, but still. I like all my dolls but the two customs are my favourites. They’re exactly as I wanted them, sculpted with scars, wrinkles, crooked smiles, mismatched ears... the sculptor did a great job of doing just what I asked (mainly to steer away from symmetrical perfection). :XD:
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    8. Head restringing tool! Makes everything so much easier. But I get the feeling I'm really going to be excited about Ophidia (my Miracledoll Melanie) when she arrives.
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    9. Hm I would have to say my FL Rens(first bjd). I'm so happy I got her, I was on the fence about her but found her for a good price. She started my love for these dolls, especially Minifee's. I would say my best 'deal' was getting a fullset Rendia outfit + wings or under $60. I will be getting her body and head next year^^
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    10. Humm, good question. I’m having trouble narrowing it down to just one!

      I think it has to be my most recent bjd. He was a complete impulse buy. I saw a Aimerai Sakura head for sale in the mp, and it got me thinking about maybe getting my dream msd anime boy. I didn’t buy the head then, and figured someone else would snap it up. A couple months later I saw the head again and bought it. It’s so perfect for a male anime character. I was going to get a body much later, but another good buy in the mp prompted fast action. Once I put the head on the body, I’m in love! He’s just what I dreamed of, and it has restarted my love of bjds. I was slowly loosing my desire, but now with Finn, I’m back and looking forward to working on my dolls again.
    11. Nice shoes 1000%. I paint my dolls myself, i can make their eyes, their wigs, even their clothes. I actually can make their shoes (only done it once for a tiny, once for larger, and they look great but god its not a fun process) but shoes are the one thing I'll seriously splurge on with no regrets. Finding a pair of shoes that are well made, fit well, and are in scale (I'm super picky about the scale of things. I want my dolls to look like tiny people, not dolls, in my photos)? Its absolutely by far and away the most satisfying thing in this hobby to me. To the point where my favorite girl, Remy, has 5 pairs of really nice shoes that are considered hers, though she'll share them with the other dolls (and i want more for her still. Its a problem lol).
      Honestly to me a doll just doesnt feel complete until they have the right shoes, which of course is difficult because I somehow continually gravitate towards dolls with odd sized feet.
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    12. My Onyx/Amber/Cuprit draenei girl. @fishcake was so kind and wonderful to sell her to me, I would probably have never been able to find such a perfect doll to be a draenei if I hadn't been able to buy her!
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    13. Adding that to the cart!
    14. Bout to change your LIFE.
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    15. For me was taking risk of buying CTY head xD I did not find anything about them so it was abit scary to order it ;A; He ended up my fave character tho :3
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    16. For me I think the best doll I've gotten in this hobby has to be my //off topic// granado udell. The price was right and I got him blank and made him into one of my favorite OCs. I play with him a couple times a week and take a bunch of pictures of him and he's easy to handle.

      On the more practical side of things best thing I've purchased is a wardrobe at a thrift shop to keep bjd supplies and clothes in. Not a super common item to include in this forum but I can keep just about everything related to doll care and customizing supplies in there.
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    17. I have felt that every doll and doll related purchase has been the best ever. But... if I had to put bias on them... then it would be two different purchases.

      First would be the luts order that I made when I got my little Kiwi (tdf Hansel). He was the first doll and doll related purchase after my years long hiatus from the hobby. He was the first doll to get me super excited in years and rekindled my love for the hobby. (I was only a little burnt out on the hobby, but then I got pregnant and had my son) In that order I got elastic to give some of my crew a dolly spa day with restringing. This made huge differences in the way I was able to handle the dolls since they'd mostly gone floppy. And I got new wigs for a couple of my other dolls. And that helped to finish up their characters or aesthetic. And that inspired me to create more.

      The second was my last purchase, Jaxie (Switch Javi on CustomHouse body). He's just inspired me to pick up projects that I had sitting around unfinished and finish them. And to do something with my doll Henna who was in desperate need of a revamp after her old character just didn't fit. Now I'm sewing and crafting like there's no tomorrow and if I hadn't gotten him, I don't think I'd be as overjoyed sewing and creating as I have been.
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    18. Small-iris. Silicone. Eye. Mold.

      No more scouring the internet for small iris eyes not knowing if they'd even work! No more settling on wrong-colored irises because there just wasn't that good of a selection in my price range!!! No more too-high domes!!! No more waiting!!!!! Not to mention they're super fun to make and customize and honestly make my dolls feel 25% more like my own. Best single purchase I've ever made, and it was like 10 bucks on etsy.

      If we're talking dolls, then it's my Miracle Doll Zixin head. Just by a hair. He just brings me so much joy in this hobby, helped me realize I'm free to just go full-on creepy with my dolls without having to worry about them being pretty for anyone else.
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    19. Sooo underrated! A good small iris eye is way too hard to find.
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    20. I don't think I can really narrow it down to one specific thing, as I've been in the hobby for almost 11 years and bought wayyyyy too much stuff to just call out one thing! But I'm going say, as a whole, it's that perfect clothing, wig or eyes that just bring the doll together to be exactly what you wanted. Sometimes, everything can be good but that one tiny little thing just ruins it all-- clothes that lack the most important detail, a wig that's just slightly off color, eyes that are just barely too big or small....and when you finally find the perfect thing, it's the best feeling ever! Most recently, I found a Pusheen hoodie on eBay and it is just the perfect thing for my incoming girl in size, style and character, I think it is going to be THE THING the makes her who she is!