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The best resin in Dollfie company.....

May 1, 2008

    1. I would like to ask you: what's the best resin between these company that don't notice yellowing and is almost the best resin?

      1) Volks vote 1 to 10: .....................
      2) Dream of Dolls vote 1 to 10: .....................
      3) Blue Fairy vote 1 to 10: .....................
      4) Dollzone vote 1 to 10: .....................
      5) Fairyland vote 1 to 10: .....................
      6) Luts vote 1 to 10: .....................
      7) Soom vote 1 to 10: .....................

      What's your vote?

      Try to give a number vote for these companies ^^
    2. I would have to say volks or cp luts for resin qual
    3. I would say Volks resin, hands down. It's weight and texture are the best I've handled and even when it does yellow, it yellows evenly and to a nice healthy shade. CP I would consider rather poor quality over-all; their resin is rather inconsistent in both quality and tone. I enjoy the older CP resin much more, but it still does not have the same feel as the Volks resin. With CP resin I feel more afraid of it breaking than I do of Volks'. Not to mention that matching CP to itself has always been a chore.

      The newest DoD resin I enjoy very much also. It's heavy and has a nice feel. The NS is very, very pale though. I'm not quite sure how it yellows just yet, but I do think it's up there in the quality department.
    4. ive heard of those stories but i do have cp luts dolls and there are good quality and havent let me down so i dont have a thing against them.
    5. What about Dollzone 's resin? Or Blue Fairy and Fairyland?
      I heard Dollzone is good... ?
    6. Fairyland uses the same resin that other CP dolls use. Luts uses it on their non real-skin dolls.

      I can only safely talk about resin I have had for more than a year.

      Dollzone, my guy sunbathed a lot over the summer. He is white skin and goes everywhere with me. And though he was wearing pants, his whole body has yellowed. He was a shockingly white color, and now he is more of a cream/butter cream color. It is a more natural skin tone. I have tried sanding him, but he is the same color underneath.

      However, the resin is very high quality in that it is very strong, and even. And the doll does not come with any seams. :D
    7. I like the texture of Volks Resin, but what you said about the yellowing isn't true from my experience. My non-uv protect pureskin Volks SD Nana yellowed like a lemon, and not at all evenly. The Dollmore boy that I kept beside her didn't yellow a bit. As far as I know the UV protect resin fixxed this problem, though.

      I'm not sure which of my dolls I'd say has the nicest resin, but I am sure of which has the worst. My NobilityDoll Ryoma, hands down. He's all marbled and yellowing (not to mention that the company never got back to me about it either).
    8. I love old DoD resin. Smooth and creamy in colour and yellows very evenly; and it's also extremely solid. I've never handled a Volks before, so I can't say. I also really love the resin that Dollshe uses. :D

      But I think the current CP resin...sucks. Really. My doll arrived to me broken, and the heads weigh alot less than old CP.
    9. I only own a new DOD. I love the resin! It feels nice and has a lovely weight to it, but not to heavy :D And I love the pinky colours, just that it looks abit too pink under certain lighting.
    10. I actually love U-noa resin the most, but maybe that's just me. Not too smooth, with a nice lustre.
    11. I like dolkot's WS (though it's more like NS) it's really soft and there isn't a seam in sight. Dollmore's is great too- the seams are a bit more apparent but that's what I get for being cheap and not getting them sanded. XD And if any of my babies have yellowed, I haven't noticed.
    12. I've had a Volks MSD for over 4 years now and she is amazing! I love the way her resin feels and its really durable. I'm careful with her of course, but I never feel like she's going to break on me. She has yellowed, but I didn't really realize until I got my second doll. Its even and not at all 'sickly' looking.

      I've only had my new resin DOT for two weeks, but I like how he feels. He's got a nice weight to him and smooth. He's extremely pale, but I like it on him. Not sure how he'll age, but from what I've seen of old DODs I'm very optimistic
    13. I definitely think the UV protect resin fixed things; my 3 year old+ MSD f-10 has definitely yellowed, but it's very even and still holds a nice tone to it.
    14. I have serendipity dolls. My doll is 3+ years old and I've noticed no issues as far yellowing or breaking is concerned [and she's taken a few tumbles too, so she's got pretty sturdy resin]. My sister has a Serendipity that I got second hand that doesn't really have any yellowing issues either. [granted I never saw the doll knew, so I could be mistaken about that.] The only real issue is that whatever the resin formula is they are made of is a total dust magnet. I can literally have my doll and my boyfriends sit in the same area for the same length of time and his doll will be dust free while mine needs a good bath. *_*

      My boyfriend has a blue fairy. We've had her for a little over a year and she's still the same color as when we received her. He tends to baby her though, so she's rarely been exposed to anything that could cause yellowing other than time. It's difficult for me to say about the yellowing issue. She poses like a dream though. Much better than the Serendipity dolls for posing.

      As far as texture goes between the two, I really love bluefairy's texture. It's smooth to feel and soft too! It's more realistic looking as well, seems more like skin than resin. It's very nice.

      My Serendipty has very smooth shiny resin. There's almost a plastic quality to it in a way. I've never had an aesthetic problem with it, but it can be a turnoff for some people.
    15. I own Volks Pureskin, Soom BW and NS, CP NS and Real Skin, K-Doll, Limhwa, Lati, and Musedoll, and the Musedoll resin is the nicest by far. My Erato has not yellowed at all since I got her, with moderate exposure to sunlight, and the resin is smoother and more dense than any other I own or have handled.
    16. I don't own any dolls from the companies you've listed above except for Volks & Dollzone. I've also had dolls from other companies such as Elfdoll, Domuya, Musedoll.

      In my opinion, I have to say Volks has the best resin even though they do yellow. I usually spray a coat of UV cut MSC or Zoukeimura finishing powder spray on them even though their resin is made with UV protect. I really like the weight and texture which have a very different feel from the other doll companies. Elfdoll, Domuya and MuseDoll have very nice resin quality though I think Elfdoll has very shiny resin and MuseDoll is very squeaky when you move the ball joints. I think Dollzone has the worst resin. It feels cheap and it's not very smooth. Maybe it's just me? It definately is very durable though.
    17. our dollzones are wonderfully made, maybe they have improved? Ours are very new.

      the oddest resin I own is souldoll as it is a little rough compared to others.

      out of all the dolls i own (over 20) volks is by far the best, Cp seems fine too, but the volks just feels like quality, smooth, thick and heavy.

      with regards to cheap dolls I have a AOD and bobobie ( tinybears fairys) and both are very nice, especially the bobobie resin.


      scores for the makes you listed

      VOLKS 9/10 ( no one is perfect!)
      DOLLZONE 7/10 ( sturdy and smooth and thick enough)
    18. I have a Dollzone white, who has yellowed, but is fine to me. It's even anyway. My Dollzone pink 'seems' to be turning a bit. My Serendipity..still great. Bobobie is great and my Custom House also still look perfect. DIMs also good. I think my Puki seems to be turning too. All mine are kept out of direct sunlight although they are in a cabinet displayed and they go out occasionally.
      I want to get the Goldie white girl and am hesitant. Has anyone seen her? Or have an older white skin Peak's woods?
      I like the white skin dolls or very pale dolls since it goes well with sad expressions which I am so drawn too.
    19. CP has the smoothest, nicest feeling resin of the dolls I have. I could spend hours just idly petting my Delf's legs(and feet!). DOD also feels nice, but not as smooth, my DOT feels a good deal lighter than my Delf though. My Custom House tiny's resin feels kind of rough, but I don't spend much time touching her because she's a LE and I'd die if she got messed up any way x.x
    20. Long post is LONG!

      Volks most definatly. I've had the pleasure of handling a volks girl and i can say she was stunning! Sadly though they seem to yellow a bit much and it becomes.. not as nice.. The resin has a good weight you can feel the value, and it's ever so slightly translucent, you can hold the hand up to the light and see through it like a real hand. It's very beautifull. But i felt like i was holding $1000 and i really didn't want to mess around with it.

      DOD has very nice resin aswell, it's smooth like chalk and it has a good weight, i feels like value for money. It yellows strangely however, it becomes this white/yellow with a hint of grey in it, creamy is the best word for it. All the pink tones completely disappear. (My new girl looks like a "pink" skin in comparison!) It's also incredibly inconsistant, none of my 3 are the same in texture or colour even though 2 of them were ordered withen 3 months of each other. My oldest DOC is shiny aswell, i've come across DOC's that look, feel and weigh like plastic aswell (despite being from DOD) My 2nd oldest DOD has yellowed every so slightly. He has this very natural skin tone at the moment (it's incredibly lovely~) but i know he'll eventually yellow to the same creamy tone as my other boy. I like to stroke his legs >_>;

      Luts resin is inconsistant aswell, not as bad as DOD (which seems to change with every order) but from what i've seen it's prone to cracking =/ It also feels a bit strange and it's quite light in comparison. It has a lovely deep colour though, i'd love to see a white skin one in person. I didn't own my luts boy for very long but i found him to be quite lovely~ I would've liked him to weigh a bit more though, he felt very light but strong. He was a dream to hold i could've cuddled him all day!

      Bambicrony's resin is lovely aswell~ The only flaw is that it's a russian roulette with the orders =/ They don't have the best quality control. My little girl's white skin looks incredibly similiar to my DOC's cream/yellow skin (which is quite nice) but the resin is slightly more translucent. It's very light and durable. The resin is nice to touch and it doesn't feel like it'll crack or wear down. My Bambicrony is very new though, so i don't have much experience with her.

      Dollzone's resin i really don't like. It's incredibly light and it feels thin. Whilst yes you can drop them and it won't cause a mark (it's very durable!) it just feels "cheap" you really get what you pay for. I've only ever seen and held normal skin Dollzone dolls (one of which i held very recently) it's hard to describe, but it didn't feel like the other dolls i've held.