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The Big Thread of Crossdressing - Girl clothing that will fit boy dolls

Oct 20, 2006

    1. I know a lot of male dolls wear girls clothes and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me which are safe to buy. It's a CP boy with the new body. I know the one KK Workshop shirt I bought will fit my other CP boys, but beyond that I have no idea.
    2. Usaully things made for Volks SD10 girls will fit (some things with a bit of stretch). Clothing made for SD13, or CP Delf girls and the like won't fit, as they are thinner. KK workshop items are made for SD10s, that's why that shirt fits ^_^

    3. Actually, I've had luck with SD13 clothes fitting my CP boy (type 1 body). I know the patterns for SD13 girl make clothing that fit, and so do some of the outfits. Aside from he buts, the measurements seem to be similar. Though the SD13 girl waists are smaller, so the top of the pant/skirt whatever probably will not button/snap.
    4. Ummmm... well ... actually, I liked this dress on dollheart so much that I bought it even though I am only planning a girl doll and don't have one yet. (The base dress, not the aprons. The aprons are kind of silly and lame. But the base dress is so gorgeous i'm contemplating getting one in white too).

      Then it showed up and it was so awesome and tiny with its meticulous little tucks and tiny tiny buttons that I stuck it on my El just to see what it looked like.

      It fits perfectly. Seriously perfectly. It closes perfectly and looks like it was made for him. Then I put a long wig on him and took some pictures and decided that El makes a very pretty girl with very long, slim legs.

      FWD - feels very weird about all this.
    5. Really? Manufactured clothing must run big, or those designs are very relaxed in fit*_*


    6. I don't know; I've never tried it on a girl. But it does fit my boy very well. It's a little creepy. I've got some pictures of it at home.

    7. Can you post pics when you get home? I'm all curious now to see how the fit looks.
    8. I posted a picture in the picture requests thread. @_@

    9. It's a great dress though. He can just be some visual Kei bandmember ;)
    10. My Elsie (Chiwoo) has a boy body. She only wears dresses. Dollheart & Dollmore girl clothes fit her perfectly; so does her Nideru dress (perfection!!) She has a Dada Doll dress from Y!J that fits great, and Angel Outlet (ebay) SD13 girl clothes are good too.

      Luts Delf Girl clothes & probably many things made by seamstresses FOR CP girl bodies or Elfdoll girl bodies won't fit (unless they're stretchy or whatever.) Most clothes marked SD10/13 Girl will probably fit fine, with the caveat that VERY fitted clothes for SD13 will be too tight in the waist. I keep that in mind & look for things that seem to have some ease in them.

      I passed up an amazing SD10 girl dress months ago before I realized Elsie COULD have worn it after all. *sigh*

      (And though you didn't ask - Dollheart SD13 girl shoes & all Luts Delf girl shoes fit Elsie beautifully.)
    11. My Shiwoo has girl outfits from Dollmore, Volks SD13 and SD10 lines. The only problems I've found are that sometimes with SD10 outfits the cuffs on shirts will be too narrow to fit his hands through, and that sometimes skirts etc are a little too narrow to fasten around his waist where they should. In that case, though, they will generally fasten if they're pushed a little higher up around his middle, which also has the side-effect of turning them into mini-skirts ^^

      I also bought a pair of SD13 girl shoes from Dollheart, and while they were a bit of a struggle to get on and off, once they were on they looked wonderful and fitted perfectly.
    12. I've actually wondered this too....
    13. Nrrr...I guess it depends on what it is. I tortured my El for a friends benifit one day and tried to shove him in some Luts girls clothes and they wouldent really fit. They would not zip or close up all the way. Nothing I had worked on him and they were all Luts girls clothes ^^;
    14. Ahah thanks yuriko_terachi!
      I'm not to interested in the bottoms (exept for one pair of tights, but i mean, there tights, they should have stretch right?) But im worried the shirts wont fit over their chunky bodies! lol
    15. XD umm...*goes through photobucket* I have one picture and...hes sorta in a dress ^^:;. Dont tell him I posted this kay XD?
      Tights should be ok, Ive put thigh highs on him before and they were a bit tight, or didnt stay up good, but they work. I dont know if shirts would work too good. Ive got the Rubel corst from Luts and that wont fit him at all, its too small to go around him.
      That was the main problem with this dress. It barely fit over his fat butt, and it was was too tight in the chest. It absouloutly will not zip in the back, and the neck pice wont even come close to snapping closed. His hands were also way to big to fit through the sleeves, so I could not put them on, he was just devistated XD. Ive never done this to him since I swear! Its just not his thing ^^; girl clothes go on the girl doll in the house!

    16. Lmao he's precious <3
      Ughh really? The tights dont stay on, thats a real bummer.
      I hate it, I can't buy Addy anything that isnt gangster/punk/gothic, it's like thats all anyone sells!
      Thanks for the pics and the advice :P
      (lmao Die enjoys it, deep deep down inside)
    17. If it's made of a stretchy material it should fit though it would most likely be tight. I know KK Workshop shirts will (in general) fit CP boys though if it's not made of stretchy material then movement might be a bit limited.

      And skirts tend to ride up really high (Yan's end up above his belly button) because of their lack of girly hips but you said you weren't interested in bottoms... so I'm really just rambling at this point.
    18. Here's a KK Workshop girl's top on a CP Yder. I saw my friend had the shirt for her girl and I wanted it for my boy so I asked her if she'd try it on her's for me. I still haven't gotten around to buying it yet: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/28824912/
    19. Wow! Thanks onnawufei!
      It does fit really well! I've been to KK Workshop before, i'll have to check it out! Thanks!